Beach House: Depression Cherry

Sub Pop Records
Released 08/28/15

  • Loser edition
  • Clear vinyl
  • Red velvet album sleeve
  • Download card included

The Music:

Beach House, especially in 2015, consistently puts out records that age like fine wine. Upon first listen before the record came out, I listened to an album stream on NPR’s site start to finish. I’ll admit that at first I really wasn’t too impressed. I missed the sort of booming drums and wailing guitars from their previous record Bloom. After the record was released however, I gradually changed my tune. The songs stuck in my brain and leave you feeling like a piece of seaweed floating in the ocean. Being jostled back and forth, swaying to and from, with the water passing you toward the shore.

This is a record that demands to be heard in headphones. Maybe that’s where I went wrong initially, who knows. Regardless of how it came to be, it definitely became one of my favorite records of 2015. The layers upon layers upon layers of each track still blow my mind as I sit and try to dissect each song, riff, beat, tone. To put it simply, this record is sublime.

Vinyl Packaging:

This is the “Loser Edition” as Sub Pop deems it, and believe it or not, the jacket is red velvet. At first I thought this was exclusive to Sub Pop’s site, but I actually found it in my local shop. I was ready to just get the regular release, and this was quite the surprise. It comes with a download card, and inner high gloss sleeve. I love the cover, the minimalism is a nice touch.

Standout Tracks:

  • Space Song
  • PPP
  • Wildflower

Overall Score:

Red velvet vinyl packaging, need I say more? Oh, and the tracks can be played on repeat endlessly with the same level of satisfaction.