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let’s move somewhere rainy like seattle and open our own five guys franchise and then when we’re too fat to work, we’ll sell it.

yes plz you still need to try zaxbys though oh my god my life my life i’m going out to millenia tomorrow to try on that dress i sent you a pic of and there’s a zaxby’s out there so i’ll prob eat that.

or i’ll get lazy and not go out there at all.

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oh. i’m at work bored out of my mind. 70 minutes left. i’m getting five guys after. just hook me up to an iv with liquid cheeseburgers and fries.

wendy’s gave me a non-spicy sandwich. ready to break some skulls god.

oh so i guess you saw my text right? why is this my life. also i am going to cap the 1947 episode for you because huminahuminahumina i swear season two is just “dress everyone up in bullshit” season.