This #BiRD feeder is now available on @etsy !
💙🐦💙🐦💙🐦💙 🐦💙🐦💙So happy with this badass #birdfeeder I made out of a #vinyl #record!
It can be used as a #bird feeder OR a #birdbath!
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Agressive Question Tag

I was tagged by Maeve!

Here are the rules!

Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions you were tagged in and make 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 new people and link them to your post.


Q1: Tea or coffee?

Tea.  I can hardly drink my coffee without whipped cream and chocolate.

Q2: Have you ever done drugs?


Q3: What’s your poison? (Favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise.)

Blood Orange San Pellegrinos.  Or iced Passion tea.

Q4: When was the last time you pulled an all nighter and why?

Relay for life!  For cancer!

Q5: What film do you think has the best SCRIPT.

Fucking hell Maeve I guess the Princess Bride?  I plead the fifth.

Q6. Top Four Favorite TV Shows.

Currently Supernatural, True Blood, That ‘70s Show, Arrested Development.

Q7. Favorite character in each of those shows.

Dean, Lafeyette, Hyde or Donna, Lucille.

Q8. What’s your favorite musical?

Pippin, probably.

Q9. What is your favorite song from that musical?

I have no ideaa the one where the grandma takes her clothes off and sings.

Q10. Cerebral Indie Film or Rom-Com?

Cerebral Indie Rom Com.

Q11. Favorite Disney Prince/Princess?

That lil dragon in Mulan played by Eddie Murphy.

My Questions are:

1-What was the best part of your summer?

2-If you could change one thing about your life right this second, what would it be?

3-What’s your favorite ice pop color?

4-And ice cream flavour.  I like chocolate soft serve with sprinkles or phish food.

5-What’s the most absurd idea you’ve ever had?

6-Do you ever contemplate time zones?

7-How do you feel about pork buns?

8-What’s your dream hair?

9-Which finger is your favorite?

10-Something stupid you couldn’t life without?

11-Your favorite painful TV moment is…?

Enjoy yo.

I tagged some of the people that reblog me a lot so hopefully you see this it’s good fun.