Things Tim Drake Most Likely Owns

  • A binder for everyday of the week and they are labeled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, so on and so fourth
  • One of those coffee mugs that is like a pill bottle but it’s prescription is for coffee 
  • Every Lady Gaga album on vinyl
  • A Spock costume that he wears unironically on Halloween 
  • A jigglypuff crop top
  • A really fancy and expensive coffee maker like the ones where you hand press them and stuff but he never uses it so it sits there collecting dust
  • A dank memes shirt
  • Superboy underwear that he wears and thinks Kon doesn’t know about them but Kon does
  • A shirt with one of Dick’s famous double chins on it that he wears whenever he goes out in public with him
  • An eggplant bedazzled on his phone case because he passed out and Stephanie saw an opportunity