I let my skin get too thin
I’d like to pause
No matter what I pretend
Like some pilgrim
Who learns to transcend
Learns to live as if each step was the end

I had no idea what to blog today, to be quite honest. But, after finding a new hair store([uhyup, addicted) called RunAway[RA] (they’re not even new, I’m just slow on the upkeep), I totally got excited and inspired. This hair’s called Luan, and it’s unisex I believe…since it came with a male streak as well. I, er…ended up buying like ten of her hairs last night. weeee, g’bye lindens~

The eyeshadow’s a Veechi shadow of course, even if it’s hard to see, it’s the Romance Me Eyeshadows that are at Anybody right now. The tattoos I got ages ago . like ages ago at Wizarding faire 2015.They’re [white widow] Insidious.  Nails are by Atomic.

Clothing wise, we have the Afterlife Collar Raven by DAZED, which I actually wear kinda often, and forget I have it on sometimes. The jacket’s an Over the Shoulder Jacket by COCO. It’s a cool jacket, but not meant for AOs that move constantly, and your arms will cut through it. a lot. but still gorgeous and I love it. The tube top is an older release from Blueberry called Mina, and I got it from the athletic themed Uber a few months back. I do have another Vinyl item today. This one is her Crowe leggings. I really like the strings around the legs, and really loved that they changed colors. I’m just a goober and put this in black and white >.>; Last bit are the Heirloom Boots from Melon Bunny, that I wear pretty often as well when not wearing my aphorism or fri boots.

My final normal wears are the  Maitreya Body, my IKON Charm Green eyes, and my Essences Sash Peche skin.

Oh, and the pose is by Le Poppycock, though I normally do mod a few angles with anypose, like I do almost every pose in SL. Normally why I don’t do pose credits >.>; but I hardly edited this except for a head turn.

This photo is probably really dizzying and I honestly feel like it won’t be too well liked…but I don’t..really care? Was just a fun photo to take and edit. so nyahh. If you like how the sim looks, it’s one I’ve used a few times called Rainy Alley (you can rez here)


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