vinyl toy


A little collection of people’s GW2 characters I’ve made on the 4″ Munny platform from last year. The last one I made was back in September of 2014, and haven’t had a chance to make a new one on this platform in awhile. But–currently working on a custom Munny with GW1 warrior armor! :) WIP photos soon…

Some links to each project:

The Illustrious Warrior

The Guardian of Tyria

The Warrior of Arah


Customizable mini pinball machine for all the pinballers out there. The top pair of images are 3d renders for pre-visualization, and the bottom pair of images are photos of the prototype. It’s about 6 inches tall.

Oh yeah, if you love pinball and would like to see this as a vinyl toy, reblog it if you can. I’d like to see if there’s enough interest in it. Vinyl production is crazy expensive.