vinyl text

get lost. take that train. read for hours so time passes faster. talk with strangers. say hello to dogs. walk down streets you’ve never been to before. look up to the sky. go to coffee shops. tell that barista that you think her shirt is cute. take pictures with your polaroid camera. buy post cards. ask random people what their mantra is. go into that hipster looking vinyl shop and support the owner by buying a record by his favorite band. laugh with people you’ve just met. exchange numbers. ask for book recommendations. buy that book in the book store right around the corner. take the bus to a park. watch the sunset. remember that you are loved. take the train back home. hang the polaroids up your wall. continue exploring and learning. learn to love life.

BTS ships as (aesthetic) things !!

↪ is this requested ?
nah man i haven’t even had a single request yet . the bts fandom is so big so I can’t really find my place in the writing community in the fandom but I’ll keep on writing until I get recognized !!

↪ oh and btw if anyone actually reads this can you request other ships as things ?? like yoonjin or vmon or something ?? these are just some ships that are the most popular ( with some ships that I ship ) thanks !!

fairy lights .
castles .
fairy tales .
sitting on branches of trees .
nighttime .
flowers .

miserable truths in pastel text .
eating dinner at 3am .
not sleeping .
love in the oddest and coldest of ways .
oversized sweaters .

truce .
( cute ) ghosts [ 👻 ]
vhs .
neon .
flower crowns .
vinyl .

japanese text .
cigarettes .
floral tattoos .
driving at 5am .
getting lost .

🐶 + 🐰 [ 🌠 ] TAEKOOK ;
lowercase text .
youth & recklessness . pixel art . rain . lying . paper towns . chokers . “ I only keep myself this sick in the head / cause I know how the words get you . ”