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  • Flowers for Aries: Honeysuckles, tulips, thistles
  • What to get Aries: Watch, diamond ring, pepperoni pizza
  • Where to take Aries: Paint balling, laser tag
  • Flowers for Taurus: Poppies, asters, lilacs
  • What to get Taurus: Chocolate, wine, sweater
  • Where to take Taurus: Dinner or shopping
  • Flowers for Gemini: Lavender, lily of the valleys, daffodils
  • What to get Gemini: Books, shoes, handbag
  • Where to take Gemini: Skydiving or bookstore
  • Flowers for Cancer: Acanthus, cornflowers, iris
  • What to get Cancer: Books, baking supplies, pillows
  • Where to take Cancer: Cooking class or antique store
  • Flowers for Leo: Sunflowers, marigolds, hydrangeas
  • What to get Leo: Makeup, jewelry, something for their pet(s)
  • Where to take Leo: Zoo or indoor pool
  • Flowers for Virgo: Morning Glory, buttercups, ivy
  • What to get Virgo: Calligraphy set, first edition book, cacti/succulents
  • Where to take Virgo: Ice skating or plant nursery
  • Flowers for Libra: Red roses, blue bells, gardenias
  • What to get Libra: Makeup, clothing, jewelry
  • Where to take Libra: Shopping or ballroom dancing
  • Flowers for Scorpio: Chrysanthemums, hibiscus, peonies
  • What to get Scorpio: Movies, perfume, lingerie
  • Where to take Scorpio: Dinner at home or movies
  • Flowers for Sagittarius: Narcissus, daisies, wildflowers
  • What to get Sagittarius: String lights, polaroid camera, candy
  • Where to take Sagittarius: Clubbing or hot air balloon ride
  • Flowers for Capricorn: Carnations, hollies, pansies
  • What to get Capricorn: Speakers, vinyls, sunglasses
  • Where to take Capricorn: Nature walk or go out for drinks
  • Flowers for Aquarius: Orchids, aloe flowers, anemones
  • What to get Aquarius: Concert tickets, makeup, chocolates
  • Where to take Aquarius: Concert/rave or stargazing
  • Flowers for Pisces: Water lilies, jasmines, eucalyptus
  • What to get Pisces: Paint, canvases, make them dinner
  • Where to take Pisces: Art museum or concert

finally repainted my room!!!!! had to do everything oh my god, had to pull out all the screws, fill in the cracks and holes, sand down the walls, wash the walls, paint them, put all the rearranged crap back. ofc dad helped but still i aaam exhausted. i would post a pic but it just looks like a douchey tumblr aesthetic white plain room with just a bed and drawers and no personality

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5 things you’ll find in my bag: glasses case, cigarettes and multiple lighters, a compact mirror, lip gloss, black gel pen.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom: books everywhere, too many CDs and a few vinyls, posters, speakers, book lamp.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do: as a child my dream was to visit Versailles and Paris and I’ve done it; I’ve always wanted to travel across the Uk and I sort of… started, three years ago?? It’s still a long way to go though; visiting Japan…hopefully I’ll get there one day; going to Disneyland Paris (I know this sounds stupid but… yes, I’ve been there once, but I was like 5 years old and can’t remember anything); seeing one of my favourite bands at Glastonbury.

5 things that make me happy: travelling; talking to my mutuals on tumblr; MUSIC; Jane Austen’s books; sitting on the passenger seat in my friend’s car and watching the city streets, going nowhere in particular while talking or listening to music.

5 things I’m currently into: cold infusions and healthy bullshit stuff; vegetarian food; making pancakes; photography; obsessing over catfish and the bottlemen concerts on youtube.

5 things on my to do list: checking my “traveler lists” for my week by the sea; packing my bags; buying cigarettes; finding a sun hat to fight against the sun and his bitchy friend summer; helping by brother getting his homework done.

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Summary: Bucky is on a mission for your birthday, but makes sure to make it up to you when he finally comes home.

A/N: @whotheeffisbucky HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you like it, and I hope it’s a nice enough present. Happy birthday love !

Warnings: There’s like ? One swear word and a tiny little angsty part, but it’s basically just fluffy fluff.

Word count: 1973

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You sighed when you inserted the key into the lock of your small, cold, lonely apartment. You sighed when you slumped onto the couch, lazily grabbing the remote, mindlessly going through every channel your TV had to offer. And you sighed when you opened the fridge to find the leftovers of the birthday cake you bought to yourself. You grabbed a clean plate from the washing machine and cut yourself a piece of your two days old cake. You dragged your feet to the couch and sighed again when you hit the cushions.

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