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What're your headcanons for 2p!Austria?

-Def smokes

-Went into punk phase, never left. 

-Guy who collects vinyl records


-wait u know murdoc from gorillaz

-bc murdoc from gorillaz

-pointy teeth, he likes to use them wink wonk

-Has so many old fashioned aviator boots and clothes that require buckles or lacing up

-Trench coats, lots of trench coat gel? 

Vinyl feelings

I want my music to be pure and unfiltered by remastering, remixing and repackaging. Give me that worn out old style. I want my records to be as God intended, or rather the artist at the time.

I recall reading how after a first press of a Led Zeppelin album (I believe II) was released it was realized that the bass of the drums was so heavy that subsequent releases featured a muted version of Bonham’s drums. I, personally, don’t want to hear a muted version of one of the best drummers in rock history.

I am undoubtedly a vinyl snob. There’s etiquette to record shopping and record buying. Some deride record store owners and workers for how aloof they can appear. Dude, they are collectors with their dream job, and if you want them to be nice to you then prove you are one of their own. 

At a store, with middling reviews in Vegas, Rose and I discovered a veritable treasure trove of amazing finds. The guy running the store, the owner, barely paid us any mind, save the obvious look of annoyance when we walked in. That changed as he saw what we were picking out and a rather lengthy discussion commenced about vinyl. That is how to not only find five original pressing of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, but also get one at a discounted rate. He kept the real prizes in the backroom.

I honestly can never get over picking up a record and knowing full well it is literally music in my hands. The songs are ingrained into the vinyl. We often hear music, but how often to most of us hold actual music like that in our hands? Streaming, CD’s, etc are just ones and zeros, and nothing more. They aren’t notes pressed into a medium you can hold. 

So, yeah.