vinyl shelf


“This little girl got to meet Lana at the signing, though she had nothing to sign so Lana Del Rey took a vinyl off the shelf signed it for her and went "I’ll pay”.“

anonymous asked:

I work at a certain chain of thrift stores, in books/media. Its all good except for the boomer-aged men who lurk by our 99c vinyl LP shelf and get really demanding and pushy when I have LPs. Today they swarmed my cart when I was stocking to grab a Stones vinyl and made me trip and fall, and going down I nearly hit my face on the metal cart's corner. They didn't even notice and almost knocked me over again in their retreat. ):

Just did this vinyl shelf. A great way to display my favorite albums or simply albums with great artwork. Really like the outcome, looks great and definetely better than the old and pretty damaged Coca Cola poster I had hanging there before.