vinyl rally

Aries: running for president, getting a facial, dancing at the club
Taurus: listening to vinyls, at a political rally, volunteering
Gemini: on twitter, in a dance class, eating cotton candy
Cancer: still in bed, reading an old book, sitting on a dock by the sea
Leo: looking at themselves in the mirror, lip-syncing to their favorite song, the front of the classroom
Virgo: going for a run, on facebook, sitting in the woods
Libra: at the mall, watching tv, painting
Scorpio: at a drag show, in the bath, at a nice restaurant
Sagittarius: hiking, at a bar, lost
Capricorn: at a concert, skipping class, buying shoes
Aquarius: planning a vacation, looking at the clouds, studying in the library
Pisces: baking something complicated, writing a novel, a coffee shop
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