vinyl rabbit


Oswald and Mickey Vinyl Figurines - Medicom 2007

These large figurines were made by Medicom and distributed in 2007.
Even since I saw a glimpse of them during some photo’s of a D23 event, I believe it was the one where EM2 was promoted as well, I wanted to have them!

The one seller that did offer them a good year back, didn’t ship to where I live.
But fortunately the person I bought these from did!

I haven’t seen these floating around the internet all that often, so I can only assume they are pretty rare to find these days.
Also because they are no longer being made.

That being said, I do think these belong on the list of rare Oswald merchandise gems I have so far.

As you can tell by the prop I put in the background, both of them were modelled after the illustrated note Walt send to Carl Laemmle.
The figurines themselves aren’t that bad of a quality.
Though some of the seams could have been done a lot nicer in my opinion.

Then again these could have been in worse shape. Since they’re second hand bought and all.
The box they came in in huge and slightly damaged. But still okay looking considering it’s been around 8 years ago since it was bought.


she’s a psychologist and a therapist. vaxilia can treat many people, though she does prefer working with children. she focuses in the area of fears and how to treat them, as well as the area of mental trauma treatment.

her species is called Vinyl rabbits. this is not because they’re made of vinyl, but because of their ability to bend their body shape to what they consider is comfortable. in other words, they’re shapeshifters that change into the shape they’ve learned is comfortable. their shape determine their affinity. they cant change the color they were born with, however.

she has a light affinity, which is represented the most in her cheerful personality and desire to help others. her presence alone makes others feel better!!!

she uses her species ability in her work area as well. Vaxilia works doing Pet therapy sessions, where her own body is used to calm others down. there’s two kinds of therapy: one of them is for treating traumas, where she transforms into an animal the patient loves, and stays with them for a while, boosting their confidence and mental health. the other treatment is an animal phobia treatment, where she transforms into an animal or plant the patient fears so they can face her. extended sessions are required for the second case, and she can only treat phobias based on living organisms.

she has 3 magical chimes; two on her tail and one on her neck. the left and right tail chimes tell her what the patient loves, and what the patient fears, respectively. the third one, however, is a chime for herself. it tells her if the patient has good or bad intentions towards her, so she will know beforehand if the patient she’s facing is a threat or not, and allows her to change into a creature that can defend itself. its not easy being a tiny 2.5ft creature, after all!!!


Zootopia 3″ Custom Vinylmation 

Im hoping to do a Private Auction for this special new 3" design of mine! Anyone intested in bidding on this figure, please PM me for details.
I really loved Zootopia, and wanted to commorate one of my favorite scenes, Hope you like it!