vinyl rabbit

Oh mama! Check out these new bunny stickers! 😆 I’m releasing my Rainbuns as stickers on Friday as my own little Easter bunnies! 🐰🥚🌷The awesome folks over at Rockin’ Stickers hooked me up with these adorable extra big “Rainbun” stickers that are the actual life size of a pygmy bunny! 🐇✨ The rainbow bunny cuteness is unreal! 🌈😍💖 SOOOOOO I decided to do an EASTER EGG HUNT on my Etsy shop during the weekend. 😆🥚✨ I’m going to give away 20 of these big buns to 20 orders from Fri-Mon (April 14-17)! 🎉🎉 You have to look for them on my listings since I’ve hidden them randomly in the listings! Ha ha! 😱😜 But if you need some more colorful bunnies in your life I will also have the small Rainbuns available for purchase on for my Easter Etsy launch April 14th at 9am PST! 🐣🐰🌷 😊 Hope you like my little giveaway surprise and THANK YOU to Rockin’ Stickers for making these rainbowtastic stickers for me 😀💞


As promised, here’s the turnaround photoset for my “Welcome to Inlé” sculpture. I’ll post some detail shots in a bit.

This project actually started way back in 2006 or so when I decided I wanted to sculpt my interpretation of the Black Rabbit of Inlé from Richard Adams’ Watership Down. I was still pretty new to sculpting, but ended up making something I was really happy with and that marked a pretty big turning point for me, both in terms of style and subject. Last summer, a couple purchased the original piece (you can find photos of it posted here on my tumblr, quite a few pages back), and paid me to create a more detailed base for the piece, and gave me free rein, creatively speaking, to do so.

The project ended up taking me about nine months to complete, and the finished piece is definitely something that was a blast to work on, but also was a big challenge. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and though I miss it now that it’s in its new home, I’m glad to have it off my plate.

It definitely won’t be the last time I explore Inlé, or the Black Rabbit himself, through sculpture, though, you can count on that. :D

Super Sculpey original/firm blend and apoxie Clay over a wire, foil, wire mesh, and wood armature, painted with cel-vinyl, mounted on a poplar board. Roughly. 25”x11”x18”

I’ll write more about the piece when I post the detail shots, which will have to be some time tomorrow, cuz I’m too sleepy to type properly now.


Zootopia 3″ Custom Vinylmation 

Im hoping to do a Private Auction for this special new 3" design of mine! Anyone intested in bidding on this figure, please PM me for details.
I really loved Zootopia, and wanted to commorate one of my favorite scenes, Hope you like it!


she’s a psychologist and a therapist. vaxilia can treat many people, though she does prefer working with children. she focuses in the area of fears and how to treat them, as well as the area of mental trauma treatment.

her species is called Vinyl rabbits. this is not because they’re made of vinyl, but because of their ability to bend their body shape to what they consider is comfortable. in other words, they’re shapeshifters that change into the shape they’ve learned is comfortable. their shape determine their affinity. they cant change the color they were born with, however.

she has a light affinity, which is represented the most in her cheerful personality and desire to help others. her presence alone makes others feel better!!!

she uses her species ability in her work area as well. Vaxilia works doing Pet therapy sessions, where her own body is used to calm others down. there’s two kinds of therapy: one of them is for treating traumas, where she transforms into an animal the patient loves, and stays with them for a while, boosting their confidence and mental health. the other treatment is an animal phobia treatment, where she transforms into an animal or plant the patient fears so they can face her. extended sessions are required for the second case, and she can only treat phobias based on living organisms.

she has 3 magical chimes; two on her tail and one on her neck. the left and right tail chimes tell her what the patient loves, and what the patient fears, respectively. the third one, however, is a chime for herself. it tells her if the patient has good or bad intentions towards her, so she will know beforehand if the patient she’s facing is a threat or not, and allows her to change into a creature that can defend itself. its not easy being a tiny 2.5ft creature, after all!!!

Calling all ToppKlass — the first anniversary of our founding is coming up! The fifth of December will mark the day our family was given an official name, and as a way to show our gratitude for all of us being brought together we were hoping to have our fellow ToppKlass come together and create something beautiful for the boys. What we (jihoops and yusangno) had in mind was an Annie cover video!

 The goal is to have a collection of photos and videos from ToppKlass all around the world set to ‘Annie’, their anniversary song dedicated to us. We’re hoping that this will show Topp Dogg that there’s so many of us who support and care for them from different corners of the globe — and we want you to have a slot in this video, too.


 You have until November 22th to send in either a 6 second video, or 2 photographs in the highest image and video quality you can get a hold of (YouTube has been known to compress and reduce the quality of what you post). As for what to put in your submission, the sky’s the limit, get creative! But just in case you’re having trouble deciding on something, here are some suggestions or examples of possible submissions:

 1. Aegyo — heart signs, kissy faces, buing buing, any cutesy things to get your adoration for the boys across.

 2. Written notes — you could write something long (but short enough to be read in the six seconds allowed) or it could simply be Topp Dogg or your biases name + “I love you”!

3.  You could sing, or rap, a specific part of ‘Annie’. Since the video will be set to a backing track of that song, it seems like a logical idea — even lip-synching would be great if you’re not confident in your singing abilities.

4.  Performing a part of the ‘Annie’ choreography.

5.  Imitating something unique to ‘Annie’ (e.g. references to vinyl, White Lion, rabbits; recreating cute things your bias does in the music video or in live performances — you could even film something in front of a TV as a reference to the cool television effects they have in the music video!)

6.  Fan art of something from the MV, or of the boys in their ‘Annie’ era concept outfits.

7.  You could even try and dress up like your bias in the MV — really ToppKlass, you can do anything (as long as it still ties in with the ‘Annie’ theme)!


  • Sending in your videos and photos can be done to this address:  
  • Subject: ToppKlass Fan Project
  • you can add to email if you want your twitter username. (It will be used in the video as info about who participated)

ATTENTION: Videos may require hosting on another website if they’re too big to be sent through email, and if that’s the case then you can come to either of us for help and we’ll walk you through the process of uploading and then sending the embed code/url/etc. A good place to upload videos would obviously be YouTube (and there’s even a private mode if you want to keep your video a secret).

Any other questions or concerns can be sent in to either yusangno or jihoops. We’ll do our best to clean up any confusion and listen to your ideas/suggestions!