vinyl plastic

Marisa Berenson is seated on a clear plastic chair atop Switzerland’s glacier de la Rosablanche, wearing black Ernst Engel racing pants and Jacques de Loux for Buck’s County sweater and Ruza Creations backpack; Emmanuelle Khanh hat; Glentex collar and cuffs. Vogue US, October 1968. Photo by Arnaud de Rosnay

The REAL messages Bratz are sending to people:

• Take the negative things people say, and turn it into a positive (How they got the name “Bratz”). Never let anyone tear you down or take away your confidence.

• Being polite and meeting new people is never a bad thing. Friendship is always good.

• Your body is your body. Dress the way you want. Wear as much/less makeup as you want. Have fun with your fashion, expirement with it. 

I have failed to see where these dolls promote prostitution and tell girls they need to be sexual? I’m tired of seeing the Bratz page filled with parents spam-posting “Tree Change Dolls” saying they’re better, and calling these dolls “little plastic whores” when I bet they turn around and in that same breath run their mouths to their kids giving them the “Never judge a book by it’s cover” speech. If you want a doll that is realistic, go collect Lammily and stay away from the Bratz. I won’t be surprised when parents start complaining that dolls need to have real skin texture because plastic and vinyl gives false messages to little kids.