vinyl passion


Hey! Im a FTM guy who is just out of a long term relationship so mainly looking for friendships but definitely open to more. I’m (pretty much) 16 and over 4 months on T. I have a real passion for vinyl, true crime, late night conversations, and poetry. You can message me on my Tumblr:spookyghostsposts or my Snapchat:spookyghos_ts

stuff that comes to mind when i think of sebastian stan

baby pink, the smell of coffee in the morning, balcony views, central park in the fall, chinese takeout, nose kisses, beanies, a baby’s laughter, sunrises, the sound of a pencil writing on paper, car keys, fuzzy socks, winter, husky voices, passion, vinyl records, breakfast, the smell of vanilla and mint, driving to nowhere, christmas lights, brooklyn pizza, a w e s o m e sex, a cold bedroom, midnight blue, guitar riffs, glasses perched on the tip of a nose, calloused knuckles, go-cart racing, bear hugs, winning a stuffed animal at a carnival, belly laughs, collapsing into bed after a long day, ice cream cones, happiness