vinyl is super versatile


Oh, the things you can do with vinyl!

So I saw something on pinterest where a person took a cavnas, put a decal or sticker on it, spray painted over it, removed the decal, put lights behind the canvas, and had a really neat wall hanging.

I figured- this could be cool with some of our decals in the store!  I was going to do our new Star Wars wall art, but figured maybe I should start smaller. Well, my brother loves Star Wars (it runs in the family)- the Sith in particular. I’ve already made him the Sith Code shirt from the store, but I thought he would like a wall hanging too for Christmas. And it gave me an excuse to play with the idea.

I cut the decal after sizing it to what I needed, applied it to the canvas, spray painted it black, let it cure, removed the decal, and bam! It looks awesome, especially against the light! So I think I want to find a red light to hang behind it, and then it will be a proper Sith code! I am also thinking I could have spray painted the canvas red first (a light coat), applied the decals, then covered it in black, and achieved the same thing- then I could just use normal white lights behind the canvas.  I will have to test that out… could be a great way to make multicolored canvas designs with our decals that look awesome with a light behind them. I also bought some of that ‘stone’ spray paint to try- that could be neat!

Anyway, all this to say, you can do some awesome stuff with vinyl! I am considering offering some of these in the store- for folks who don’t want to go through the process of putting it all together themselves.  I’ll have to experiment!