vinyl is for christmas not for life

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thoughts on what love is to you? what does it feel like? does it have a sound, a colour?

love feels like when you look at the sunlight hitting dew covered grass like it’s the first time you’ve ever seen it and you feel so lucky to be seeing it. when someone dear to you is there when you’re crying - staying and not turning away from your hurt. when someone trusts you enough to let you stay when they hurt. when a stranger does something kind for another stranger without ‘reason’. “this reminded me of you”, “i’ll be busy if you can’t reach me that’s why i love you”, “if you need anything lmk”, “how are you”, “do you want bread?”. when the world starts looking beautiful and you realize there’s no border between the rest of the world and you and it becomes clear you’re the world. when people are in an argument and they use nicknames or pet names to make sure who they’re in a fight with knows they love them. being in flower filled gardens, inhaling summer into your body. loving someone so much it becomes objective and not dependent on your relation, but wanting the best and happiest for someone regardless of it being with you or not. how plants grow, not watched by anything or anyone, just existing growing because it’s life and love itself! it sounds like birds chirping, crickets, old christmas songs, snow crunching under your feet, water fountains rippling gently in a big old city, kids laughing, turning of pages, a loved one’s voice, how mountain railways muffle the rest of the world - soothing and hypnotic, poetry in languages you don’t know, cities buzzing at night, lighting matches, yelling and shouting because you’re so fille with joy and love, laughing until your stomach aches, making someone laugh until their stomach aches, vinyls, rain. it looks like blinding gold, warm brown, rich green, deep honest blue, cotton candy, apple red, vibrant orange, sunflower yellow, illuminating white, nightsky black.


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5 things you’ll find in my bag:
- money 
- sunglasses
- spongebob plasters 
- hair brush
- gum

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
- my wall of shoes
- shelves full of harry potter and game of thrones merch
- my collection of vinyls
- my bass and all its equipment
- a small shopping trolley with a frog in (on my shelf) 

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
- see the pyramids
- visit new york at christmas with my sister
- go on a spontaneous road-trip with my friends
- achieve good enough grades to get me where i want to go in life
- meet j.k rowling and tell her how much of a positive impact she has had on my life

5 things that make me happy:
- music 
- family
- friends
- harry potter
- dogs

5 things I’m currently into:
- watching documentaries about murders
- the middle
- gardening
- sleeping into the afternoon
- making lists

5 things on my to do list:
- buy some new stationery for college
- organise one of my shelving units in my room 
- re-watch american horror story by september
- hang out with my friends before the holiday is over
- paint my nails

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abt the ask what you would u give to bts as a present. what would u give to vixx for christmas?

  • Hakyeon- my life savings???? but also maybe a nice scented candle and a cute book about the history of pressing flowers
  • Ken- a set of prank props to use on other vixx members
  • Leo- Starbucks Gift Card
  • Hongbin- a hug
  • Ravi- cool vinyls 
  • Hyuk- some obscure GameCube game that he’s never played and that he probably can’t play because his mom threw away his GameCube in 2004

About a month ago Kelly Clarkson posted up lyrics to new songs from her 6th studio album “Piece by Piece.” She asked her fans to go comment on the songs about how the lyrics relate to them. I wrote on a song called “Piece by Piece” and I told her my story about living in foster care and having the dread of turning out like my birth parents. Flash forward to last Wednesday I get an email from Good Morning America saying “Kelly Clarkson read your comments and she wants to fly you and a friend to New York to see her in concert on our show.” I come to find out Kelly read through all the comments on her website and hand picked five individuals to come see her show in New York.

I land in New York on Sunday with my best friend and we just explore around the city. I had never been to New York, I have never been in real snow, and I hadn’t flown on a commercial flight in 20 years. This was all surreal. I check my email and the GMA producer emailed the other super fans and I and says to meet at the studio at 10am to film our segment about what Kelly means to us.

Monday morning arrives and we go to the studio to film our segment but were delayed because one of the fan’s flight was delayed. We start filming at 11am and it only took an hour. I talked about how Kelly helped me deal with my past and break ups. I talked about what I would do if I meet her. “If she even looked at me my heartbeat song would flatline. I would turn into a pile of glitter and I hope she would use it for her tour costume.” Then I also added “I think the most remarkable aspect of this entire experience is that Kelly hand picked us. She has read exactly what she means to us and how she helped us be who we are and not everyone can say that about the person they idolize.”

The rest of Monday was spent exploring around New York. My best friend and I saw the Statue of Liberty (from afar it was hella expensive to do a tour), we saw the Hudson River. We then went to the 9/11 memorial museum and that was beyond heart wrenching and emotionally heavy. We found ourselves up at Central Park, then the Met, and we had one fancy dinner at this Italian restaurant called Vivola. Early that evening we picked up a dozen cookies from this place called Insomnia Cookies. A dozen seems a bit much but whatever. We walked down 5th avenue and came across Tiffanys’ & Co.. THE TIFFANY’S FROM THE MOVIE. It was 8 at night and much too late for breakfast. So, we whipped out the cookies from earlier and had cookies at Tiffany’s. So, we started a new tradition. Our Monday night was spent in bed watching Kelly Clarkson on Jimmy Fallon and listening to hew new album.

The producer said a car would pick all the super fans up at 6:30am and our plus ones would be picked up at 7:30am. We are driven to GMA studios and then walked over to this restaurant pub called Donohuges. We are sktted in the back and ordered breakfast. I had an omelette with extra cheese. The GMA producer comes to us and says they’ll be taping is enjoying our meal and using it in a bit about our experience in New York. So, the food arrives and we start eating. Then about 5 minutes into our meal Michael Strathan walks in with Kelly Clarkson. We all jump up out of our seats screaming and jumping. This was beyond us. Beyond anything. KELLY CLARKSON SURPRISED US AT BREAKFAST. Michael Strathan asks myself and two other fans questions. The two other fans who were asked questions were able to keep themselves composed where as I started crying. Because that’s what I do when I see Kelly Clarkson in person. I start crying. She’s makes her exit because she was to get ready for her two shows. The fans and I are ushered away to the GMA green room where we are reunited with our plus ones. We chilled in the green room for like 30 minutes before being escorted to the front of the stage for Kelly’s performance. She performed “Heartbeat Song” as well as “Since U Been Gone”. After the show was over The GMA producer said how we were meeting with a label representative at 11:30am at the hotel.

Flash forward to 11:30am at we meet the RCA label rep and she has us sign release forms and tells us that we will go up to the 40th floor and film a piece. “You’re gonna be asked the same information GMA asked you but we are doing this for Kelly’s website.” We all take our turns filming our piece. The label rep said that the video editor is on site and will edit everything and to expect a call around 2:30pm for a reshoot and a group shot.

Flash forward to 1pm. I’m laying in bed resting because in about 4 days all I’ve had is about 12 hours of sleep. My best friend and I take the elevator up to the 40th floor where we walk into the room and are asked to be seated on the couch while we wait for the other fans to show. As I walk into the living room of the hotel room Kelly Clarkson jumps out and hugs me. I didn’t react in a big huge way. I was exhausted both mentally and physically. We sat down and talked for like five to ten minutes about my time in New York, my life, and a few other things. Kelly told me that there was so much to what I wrote that she wanted to meet me in person to hear about it. She was surprised at how much I have had to deal with in my life and “You’ve seen and been through a lot and the fact that you’re still here today not completely jaded is a testament to your soul and your light.” I was so beyond myself that I was struggling to make conversation with her. I feel bad because I don’t know if I came off like a rude asshole to her or not but certainly that wasn’t my intention. I was able to show her my entire collection of her cd’s. She told me how I’m lucky to have both the red and the green Christmas vinyls because she doesn’t even have the green one. We took a few pictures and she handed me a personalized copy of the box set for “Piece by Piece”. I couldn’t stop thanking her for everything she’s done for me.

This is a once in a lifetime experience that I’m going to never ever ever forget in any life I ever live. I do believe in karma and cosmic energy and I do believe this coming together was destined to happen at some point. The way I felt walking away from this experience should be something everyone feels at some point in their life. I am beyond thankful and beyond blessed to have had such an astronomically amazing time in New York and with a person I’ve idolized for nearly half of my life.

The Beatles "Beatles '65"

Alex: It’s a big one, are you ready for it?

Me: You mean, like, long?

Alex: Not long, just hugely important.

Welcome to the Beatles section of My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection! And by section, I actually mean just this album. While Alex loves The Beatles (I bought him "Revolution of the Head“ for Christmas and he’s eagerly devoured every nerdy bit of it) he only has one of their albums on vinyl, which he just told me he’s pretty sure was his step-mom’s originally from when she was a "young lady.” Is that true, Sonia?

I also love The Beatles, but I didn’t really grow up in a Beatles family. My parents like them, but I don’t remember them ever playing their albums, so for a long time I just knew their radio hits. But I did grow up really liking the songs that I did know. I remember hearing “In My Life,” while watching The Wonder Years when I was about 10 or so and tearing up at how perfectly it fit with that show, with that time. “In My Life,” makes you want to be Winnie Cooper more than anything else in the world. I walked down the aisle to that song for our wedding and love it very much.

I did a semester abroad in Ireland my senior year of college and The Beatles always remind me of that time. I was lucky enough to find an amazing group of friends from all over Europe (and one amazing girl from Eerie Pennsylvania). Cami had brought his tiny little roller skate of a Peugeot over with him from France. It had a tape deck and the only tape he had had a bunch of different Beatles songs. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually album, but a mix he had made. We would cram five people into that car and play that tape over and over again, singing at the top of our lungs, pulling over every once in a while to take pictures of rainbows and sheep. I remember “Here Comes the Sun,” coming on more than once after a quick Irish rain shower, and the timing would never cease to amaze us. It’s happy music that you want to sing out loud with new friends that you’re just getting to know, but also feel like you’ve know forever. It’s music for when you’re in a car, far away from home and going on an adventure.

Since living with Alex though, I’ve really gotten to know The White Album and Rubber Soul and Revolver and have listened to The Beatles a lot more. But he will always know more about them than I will, which is fine with me, because whenever I have a question about them, he can usually answer it without have to go on Wikipedia. Sometimes Alex IS Wikipedia.

For example, I just asked him if this was an actual album and he told me that for the for first couple of Beatles albums, The Beatles didn’t really have a US record contract, so when they first started releasing albums in the US, their record label just sort of mixed and matched, emphasized the singles, and in some cases added effects to them. So “Beatles 65” has songs from “Beatles For Sale” and “Hard Days Night.”

The first song, “No Reply,” has that early rock and roll sound to it, but then during the chorus when they say “I nearly died,” they do it in this passionate, screamy kind of way that makes you realize that this is something different from early 1950’s rock and roll.

I’m a Loser,” has a little bit of a country sound to it, with some harmonica and twangy guitar. When the chorus comes in with all of them singing, “I’m a loser,” you can just picture them standing on the stage and singing it in a quintessentially Beatles way. It’s funny to think of the phrase “loser,” being around in the 60’s. I’ve always thought of it as such a 90’s thing to call someone, I guess because of Beck’s “Loser.”

I’m actually not familiar with any of these songs so far and I’m really enjoying them. I know “I’ll Follow The Sun,” already, but haven’t heard it in a long time, it’s really sweet and sad and pretty. “Mr. Moonlight,” is a cover that I’m not familiar with and starts really passionately singing “Mr. Moonlight,” in a scream. I really love that Beatles scream-singing, it always makes me feel excited and a little bit choked up in a funny way. Like, wow, that’s a good voice. This song has John singing, but I’m pretty sure that both John and Paul do it in their own unique way.

It sounds like a lot of the songs on this album have a strong country influence, especially the first one on side two, “Honey Don’t” which is a cover. “I Feel Fine,” really stands out as a great song on this album too.

This album is good. It has some solid hits and some fun covers. But so much music has come out that sounds like early Beatles that it’s hard to hear them as standing out. I think their later music sounds much more unique and while it was imitated too, it kind of stands alone. I’m sure I’ll listen to this again, but I’ll probably always gravitate toward albums like “The White Album” and “Rubber Soul.”

I forgot to post this, but...



Of course the original album, and a remix album too

a vinyl with Lionhearted and an unreleased track from 2012

a stencil so I can be a vandal B^)

and maybe my favorite part, a bunch of Porter’s Worlds artwork


oh and this glorious perler bead necklace

So BASICALLY this album is my life and this is now my most prized possession


Hey everyone! Seeing as it’s the New Year, I put together a giveaway! Mostly it’s stuff I got double-ups of for Christmas or that I don’t use! So, enter away!


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  • you may reblog as many times as you like

things included

  • “Walking Dead” Season 1 on DVD
  • “Skins UK” Season 7 on DVD
  • Sims 3 Island Paradise and University Life (For Mac and PC)
  • Katy Perry, “Prism” on Vinyl
  • Black iPhone 5/5S LifeProof Case
  • Marc Jacobs “Daisy” 100mL
  • Polaroid camera (blue)
  • Black and red, “urBeats” earphones for iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • 5 assorted EOS lipbalms
  • “The Body Shop” Body Butter Limited Edition - Chocolate
  • Victoria’s Secret Body Spray, “Sheer Love” 250mL
  • Kate Spade - cross body, small black bag
  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses in green with pink and purple case
  • Lush Products - “9 to 5” Cleanser, “Ocean Salt” Face Scrub, “Rub Rub Rub” Body Scrub and “Mask of Magnaminty” Face Mask

reasons i’m giving away this stuff

Most of this stuff (for example EOS lipbalms, Daisy perfume and Lush products) i got double ups of for Christmas this year. Stuff like the Walking Dead, Skins UK, Sims 3 Games, Beats earphones and LifeProof case is because I don’t use them anymore! I’ve watched the shows a few times and I don’t need them. After I got a new phone, I don’t need my case or the earphones anymore. I love the Sims 3 games, but seeing as I recently got Sims 4, I have no use for them :/

Mostly, this is stuff I have used a few times, or got a lot of, and I just don’t need them!

Have fun, and good luck! xx

Some more Lily Evans headcanons

Because Lily is my favorite character. I have endless headcanons about her

• When Lily first started Hogwarts, she found it difficult to adjust to wizard life.
• She felt homesick for her record player and her TV and pens
• So during her first term, she made a list of all the things she missed and could fit in her trunk
• In fact, she even taught herself the Undetectable Extension charm (and was the first one in her year to learn that spell) so that she could fit even more stuff into her trunk.
• When she went home for Christmas her first year, she gathered up all her favorite muggle books, all her favorite vinyl records, her record player; she even bought a case of regular ballpoint pens because quills were so hard to write with and the ink splattered all over the page
• When she returned to Hogwarts after Christmas, she felt much happier and more comfortable
• Not to mention all her pureblood friends went crazy over the record player
• Each year she would bring more books and more pens and all the newest music that came out that summer
• She loved all kinds of music from AC/DC and The Beatles to ABBA and Peter, Paul and Mary.
• Soon word spread that Lily had all the best music and soon it wasn’t just Gryffindors, but Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs would want to come to her dorm
• She also sold her pens for two sickle a piece. That didn’t sound like much, but over her seven years it really added up.
• Lily would also tell amazing stories.
• She would tell these fantastic otherworldly stories about a madman in a blue box that travelled through time and space with a companion.
• It turns out that she was just describing the plots of Doctor Who episodes, but her pureblood friends didn’t know that.
• Lily Evans loved all the amazing things the Wizarding World allowed her to do, but having a few remnants from home made it that much better.

I’m so high on life right now. Minh and I have only moved into our new apartment for a month and we’ve been collecting vinyls like crazy… I got to go see my favorite artists all in a week. I got an autograph by all of them and even befriended a few. My close friend is about to go into labor any second now… I’m going to be an auntie! Next week, I’m going to Los Angeles for my birthday celebration with my good friends from City Approval… Ellen is coming to visit us for Christmas… It’s just wow. Like damn, I’m having so much fun that I feel kind of overwhelmed.

hello frens!! i am back from my parents house. i hope you had a nice christmas. i got a lot on incense and some new vinyls. most importantly i got a lot of food. on the down side, my mom is not happy that my love-life is nonexistent again (like that matters) and my dad tried to spend a lot of time talking business and showing me pictures of pretty girls. i do not like girls, dad.

new years eve is only two days away, so i need some plans!!