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Glass Animals • Tumblr IRL • Los Angeles • 8/31/16

Bringing an album to life at a Tumblr IRL had yet to get THIS literal. 

The characters pictured in the Glass Animals’s new album and videos added a whole new dimension, inviting fans to be Human Beings with them. With a background of 8 bit projections from the minds of Whoopi (@whoopthis​) & Myk (@myk31​), the band (@glassanimalsband​) performed their new songs on stage in a world made from their imagination. 

Graced with some oldies, and hit hard with new music that could only make them dance, those in attendance at The Village Studios in LA didn’t just get a show. They got to truly experience the album. 

Listen to How to be a Human Being here, and check out all the art on Glass Animals’ Tumblr. OR get the damn thing on vinyl and impress your friends. 

Big thanks to the band and their brains, to Whoopi & Myk and to Ice Breakers Mints (@icebreakersunicorn​) for making this happen, to Vinyl Me Please (@vinylmeplease​) for putting Tumblr IRL art on a record (!!!), to Yours Truly (@yourstrulysf​) on production and to Spotify Sessions (@spotify​) for enshrining it in their vault so we can all enjoy a show with as much energy and passion as you’ll ever see.

We’ll let you know when that’s available. 

Photos by Ponneh Ghana (@poonehghana)

Name: Tony Price. 

Age: 18

Born and raised in the fictional town Blackwater, Maine, Tony is proud of his good looks, sleek pompadour, and shelf of glistening high school track trophies. Cocky, arrogant, and only too happy to disobey his dad, Tony spends most of his time socializing on school nights, goading other people into doing his homework, and making smirky, smoldering eyes at all the girls in school. Pressured by his best friend Biff–rowdy, merciless quarterback on their high school team–Tony has matured into somewhat of a notorious high school bully as well. While he might internally feel uncomfortable with how he treats other people, Tony’s constant need to appear impressive and in control keeps him from outwardly recognizing and correcting his behavior. Despite an outward act of confidence, Tony is incredibly self conscious, and very susceptible to peer pressure. 

While he originally chose the track team as an easy out for his physical education credit, Tony took to the sport and enjoys the attention and fawning adoration he gets after breaking local school records and competing against neighboring high school teams. In addition to track, Tony loves old music. He has an impressive vinyl record collection and he will pop one on and lie on the floor, blissful, as the needle glides across the record and the old jazz and swing tracks play.

Tony’s experience with his family is complicated and a constant source of his sour moods. His mother left when he was young and has been virtually absent in his life and his father is now pursuing a new love interest who Tony is afraid will be impressed upon him as a surrogate mother. Most of Tony’s acting out is a direct reactionary effort to distance himself from his uncomfortable and messy family situation. Sneaking out many nights during the week provides him with the distance he wants from his emotionally-draining household. 

Tony’s life is complicated further when he is bitten by a rogue werewolf.

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Rae and Finn get interrupted in a very nude state, can it be Archie, I can imagine him running out the door and then the whole gang appears in the door way

ANON… I LOVE YOU. I had been looking for an excuse to try my hand at smut. This is kind of long AND IM SORRY IT TOOK FOREVER BUT I WANTED TO GET IT JUST RIGHT. RESEARCH WAS INVOLVED AND ERRYTHING. The rest of the fic will be under a read more due to obvious circumstances

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