vinyl glam

Finally ran across a “Second Printing” of THE ORIGINALS. This album always intrigues me. In the 27 years I’ve been paying attention, I have only stumbled upon this album twice. The rare sightings are always the most fun…

Slade “In Flame” 1974. Today, June 15th, is Slade guitarist/vocalist Noddy Holder’s birthday (b. Neville Holder, 1946, likely winner of the most British and Harry Potter-esque nickname and real name of all-time). Yesterday was Jim Lea’s birthday (bass, piano, violin, vocals, b. 1949). Both were the primary songwriters on In Flame, a soundtrack album for the satirical movie, also called In Flame, about a fictional 60′s band traversing the rock music business. The album, with the band pictured in amazingly soft-lit glowing white pantsuits, made it to #6 on the UK charts, with two singles: “Far Far Away,” and “How Does It Feel.” I’m not sure where we picked this up, but on the back is the original price sticker from a place in the UK called Watts of Mildenall for £3.25. Because it is a UK copy, it does not contain the US-included tracks “Bangin’ Man” and “Thanks for the Memories” (both were released as singles in the UK).

The album definitely has a soundtrack feel to it, with the theme of the pitfalls and advantages of fame, lots of soaring melodies and some 60′s style keyboards that nod to the movie’s plot. Though considered a departure to their usual sound (more keyboards, horns, etc), some earlier hard rocking glam Slade definitely shines through, especially on “OK Yesterday Was Yesterday” which has shades of “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” and “Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)” which is dripping 70′s classic hard rock. 


Clawdia and Skelita! I finally finished these girls and got some photos of them!

Both of them are repainted and have custom outfits and painted accessories. Clawdia, in addition, has been rerooted with super soft synthetic yarn fibers and Skelita’s hair has been restyled. 

These girls have really different looks, but I had a lot of fun doing both. Clawdia has a very casual goth vibe, while Skelita is dripping with old Hauntlywood glamor! 

I’ll be putting them up on eBay later this evening so please watch for them!