vinyl friday

Alpacatrash - vinyl edition out friday!

The vinyl version of Alpacatrash - the 1st full album will be out everywhere* on friday, February 17th! Following the annoucement of the new member + the first comeback, this amazing and showstopping edition comes with three exclusive bonus tracks and a preview of Where is My Pastel, a solo song with the vocals of CY, from the sophomore work of the Typo Girls!

*Target and Urban Outfitters - available for preorder

a concept:

We lay on the floor and listen to old vinyls. It’s Friday and the afternoon light is pouring through the windows and spilling onto the walls and ceiling of your room. It’s warm inside and will probably get dark soon but it’s okay because we have no obligations other than to be right here right now. We’re tired but it’s the good kind and our skin is warm from the sleepiness. We might fall asleep or we might not or we might fall in love which we probably will.