vinyl fest!


I spent the past weekend in Twin Cities as part of my extended work assignment. I was driving back to the hotel after some Saturday morning racquetball when I noticed a sign for a vinyl LP sale. I followed what turned out to be several signs and finally found myself in a garage in suburban Minneapolis. I have not bought a vinyl album in years, so I was rather excited about seeing what this guy had. There were easily over 2000 albums in the garage, most in alphabetical order. With Riot Fest coming up, I decided I wanted to look for Punk Rock LP’s. The first band that came to mind that I am looking forward to seeing at Riot Fest was X. So I went straight to the bin that had the “X’s” and BAM! There is an X album! So now I’m really excited! My next thought was, “This is Minneapolis. Maybe I’ll find some Replacements!” So I went to the R section. Unfortunately, no Replacements. Hmm. I pressed on looking for more Punk and hopefully, bands that will play at Riot Fest. I went through the other 1999+ LP’s and guess what? No Punk! They guy had seemingly every Rock/Pop album from the early ‘60’s to the late ‘70’s and a sprinkling of the 80’s, but no Punk. Virtually every album he had was an album I already have (as vinyl, CD or electronic) or I did not have, by choice. WTF? How did it start out so promising and then crash and burn? Oh well. At least I saved some money. At $8.00, I thought the X album was overpriced, but given the karma of finding the LP, I had to go with it.