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Floating Record Vertical Turntable (2015) by Gramovox

We designed the Floating Record for everyone from the first-time record listener to the seasoned vinyl enthusiast. You’ll be spinning tunes out of the box in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to set up your cartridge or purchase additional outboard gear such as phono pre-amps, amplifiers and speakers (although you have the option to). All of these are included in our integrated design.


Peter Doherty will bring his new 12" split single out on Record Store Day 2016

“The Whole World Is Our Playground” is the first song that will be put out off of Doherty’s second solo album. The 16th of April is the day that vinyl enthusiasts worldwide celebrate the Record Store Day. Since three years now, new records will be put out in Germany at this holiday of independent record stores. This year will await the comeback of Peter Doherty as a solo artist. The Libertines/Babyshambles singer has been recording songs at Cloud Hill studio in Hamburg, which will probably come out as an album in Autumn 2016. Doherty’s second solo work is supposed to be called ‘Flags Of The Old Regime’. Before the release of his actual album, Doherty will present his first official solo single since 2009 in May. The Track, which has been recorded and produced by Cloud-Hill-Boss Johann Sheerer, will be released as a 12" split single on Record Store Day. The Double A-Side is being completed by PJ Harvey’s guitarist James Johnston. The exclusive edition is being limited to 1.200 copies worldwide.