vinyl choker
Halsey "Ghost" Inspired Chokers
A fashion look from November 2017 by emmammh featuring WithChic and Forever 21

Halsey Inspired + Nude Ballet Flats

@hunterthewriterworld​ : “So like, throw back; unless you’ve already done this. But have you ever found the choker Halsey wears in the Badlands Ghost video? Like the clear one but with the pink ribbon? <3 thank you and have a great day and or night!“

Polyvore link HERE for the set this was created in for all the links to the clothes


Introducing Ellowitch! and Happy Halloween!!!

I haven’t drawn anything for Halloween but I’ve pics of this I’ve worked on here and there =)

I’ve customized and moded my Tonner’ Ellowyne Wilde Feeling Drained doll and opened her head to change her eyes for 14mm glass ones as well as reshaped the eye sockets that were terribly uneven. I’ve also repainted her face up and partially her body. I’ve also made her wand, choker, necklace and belt/waist cincher and moded her over dress. Leather work is hard work believe that, I stabbed my finger twice making her belt/waist cincher xºD. I haven’t had time to make her a proper witch hat but she’s so gonna have one =)

I was supposed to take pictures today haha but crappy weather so have these =)

Before and After pic can be found HERE

Other photos of her outfit HERE and HERE