vinyl carving


Acrylic paint on cardstock printed with a carved hard vinyl floor tile from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. The light pink sheet is rose scented paper from National Bookstore in Baguio, Philippines! I’ll have copies of this comic at @chicagozinefest in a couple of weeks.

Carswell Thorne Aesthetics

•fizzy soda
•colton haynes
•shoulder kisses
•soulmate aus with slow burns
•brush pens
•kevin keller
•soap carvings
•vinyl records
•using humor to cover up deep rooted pain
•sculpted eyebrows
•rusted tin cans
•'carpe diem’
•troye sivan
•'rebel with a cause’
•spontaneous combustion
•useless reminders
•memes of all types
•bottom lip pulling
•bruised peaches
•neon signs that have a letter that burned out
•butter knives
•facts that are actually opinions
•rotten clams
•a puddle in an alleyway
•moonlight through the trees
•hands clutched to your chest
•greased hair
•bodily bruises
•obscure road signs
•four leaf clovers
•peacock feathers
•the ninth doctor
•two dollar Easter eggs
•fishnet stockings
•fingers covered in chalk
•ronald billius weasley
•using too much hair gel
•girls & guys wearing whatever the hell they want
•'i’m just a lost boy not be ready to be found.’
•collision theory
•going to the principals office when you were in kindergarten
•the sound of a cd cracking
•italian vogue
•reciting the alphabet backwards
•gravity falls


I slaved away at this vinyl carving for countless hours, until my arms and hands couldn’t take anymore. Left with a sore hand for a week haha.

Once i was finished the carving process i coat the vinyl with block ink using a roller, then lay down my paper and gently working in circular motions with a baren.

These ones are on Unryushi paper.