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14/11/2017 Today I’m starting my subject on criminal law, which interests me a lot! Because I am still a bit tired from yesterdays’ exam and all the studying of the days before I’m going to take it slow, listen to some music, do some readings and make some assignments. Have a great day!

Christmas Morning (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Christmas Morning (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Summary: Ashton and Y/N spend their first Christmas together in Australia, since they’ve moved in together.

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Warnings: none

A/N: I wrote this at a Christmas party in my phone notes, so I apologize if it’s not my best work! I hope you all had great holidays!

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Christmas Morning

“Y/N” you hear lightly, then feel a kiss to your forehead.

“Y/N” you hear someone sing again, and feel kisses to both of your cheeks.

You rub both of your eyes, blink a few times to see your boyfriend Ashton leaning next to you with a Santa hat on and the biggest smile on his face that you can see his defined dimples.

“Merry Christmas babe” Ashton says to you when he sees you’re finally awake.

“Merry Christmas love” you say yawning and stretching out.

“C'mon sleepyhead, time to open presents.” Ashton says excitingly, while jumping out of bed.

“You’re such a child.” You laugh, “Carry me?” You say putting your lip out with your arms stretched out at Ash.

“Oh and I’m the child.” Ashton says sarcastically, while carrying you into the living room in the apartment you both share.

“Ash, it’s beautiful in here. It reminds me of Christmas at home.” You say looking around at the living room completely decorated. He put your wrapped presents on one side, and the presents you wrapped for him on the other side under the tree. The fire place is blazing, he has a plate with crumbs on it that has a note next to it with “to Santa” written on it. On the coffee table he has French toast, egg nog, and hot chocolate for breakfast. There are stockings hung above the fire place with “Y/N” and “Ash” on it.

“Well, I know it was hard for you to move to Australia away from your family, so I thought I would recreate the Christmas I spent with you at your family home here.” Ashton says lightly placing you down onto the couch.

“Thanks babe, it means a lot to me. You have no idea.” You say grabbing his face to give him a kiss.

“Anything for you my love.” He says making an overdramatic gesture, which makes you laugh.  

Ashton grabs the presents that he wrapped for you, while you lean over to grab the presents that you wrapped for him.

After unwrapping a few presents from Ashton, you got fuzzy socks, books that you’ve been wanting to read, a 2017 5 Seconds of Summer Calendar,  vinyl records of your favorite albums, and some clothes that Ash saw you looking at whenever you two went out shopping.

“And now, I have this gift that I wanted to save for you to open last.” He says handing you book. As you look at it, you realize it’s a scrapbook. When you open the scrapbook, you see drawings and song lyrics. Each drawing is a drawing of a major moment in your relationship, with a postcard or something that represents the places those things happened, or where you both have traveled. There was a postcard from Boston where you both met, with a drawing of you sitting at a restaurant with song lyrics that represents how he felt the first time he saw you, then he has a napkin from your first date from the restaurant you two went to, and so on.

“Ash” you say just flipping through the book with happiness filling your whole body while all these past event flooding your memory.

“I hope you like it, and you don’t think it’s too dorky. Sorry about the napkin from the restaurant, I didn’t know what to grab without making it weird.” He nervously laughs.

“Ash, I absolutely love it.” You say leaning over and grabbing his face to give him a kiss.

After you two both look through the scrapbook together, you give Ashton his presents. You gave him lots of 5 Seconds of Summer merchandise as a joke, Vegemite again as a joke, a framed picture of you two in Bali from last year, a couple of customized notebooks for him to write his thoughts down, and a suitcase because he always talked about how he only has one suitcase and the wheels don’t work.

“Now, like you, I have a personalized gift for you. It probably doesn’t compare to yours, but, I hope it means a lot to you.” You say handing him a box.

He kisses you on the cheek, and grabs the box in which he unwraps fast. When he opens the box, he recognizes something, but is confused until he pulls the item out of the box, and lets it fall open.

“It’s a blanket of all of the t-shirts from the concerts you’ve either played, or you’ve been to. It’s like walking down memory lane, and you can always take it with you wherever you go. I know you love music, and-”

Ashton grabs your hand and says, “Babe, I love it.” He says kissing you passionately. “And to think about it, I was wondering where some of these t-shits went.” Ashton says jokingly. “Thank you, I love it. I can bring this on tour with me.” Ashton says kissing you again.

“I’m glad. Merry Christmas, I love you.” You say.

“I love you too. Successful first Christmas in Australia?” Ashton says hopeful.

“Successful first, but not last, Christmas. ” you says smiling.

A/N: I hope you guys like it! It’s a little bit rushed, and I wrote this in my notes on my phone. I just had this idea in my head, and I couldn’t wait to get my computer to write it or I would lose the idea, so I wrote it on my phone. Merry Christmas my loves. I hope you guys got everything you wanted!

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