UNEARTHED GEM: BBC Jazz for Moderns - Tubby Hayes Band (Gearbox)

Duck Baker The New York City Jazz Record 

As many readers know, Tubby Hayes was a brilliant tenor saxophonist who was also adept on flute and vibraphone, as well as a handy tunesmith and arranger. He is one of maybe a dozen or so figures listeners that assume British jazz of the ‘50s-60s was not worthy of serious attention need to hear and in terms of sheer instrumental brilliance he was probably the most impressive of the lot.
Unlike most of these players, Hayes did garner some attention in the U.S. during his lifetime (1935- 73), owing to trips to New York in 1961 and 1962, which produced two excellent records in the company of top-flight American players (Clark Terry, Roland Kirk, James Moody, etc.). He made some club appearances on those occasions that received very positive reviews. His British discography is extensive and includes many sessions of him leading small groups or with the rewarding quintet he co-led with fellow tenor saxophonist Ronnie Scott. He also managed to lead a few big band dates (such as the classic 100% Proof). Often these were groups assembled specifically for BBC radio broadcasts, as was the case with the 1962 performance heard here.
This record was first released by the then-newly-fledged Gearbox label in a limited edition in 2009 and it is great to see it back in print, still on 180-gram vinyl, with excellent liners by Simon Spillett and absolutely stunning sound (Gearbox works hard for its reputation as an audiophile label). This was fairly early in Hayes’ career as a big band leader, but his arrangements are solid and feature daring, interesting touches (the way the harp and French horn are used or the muted-trumpet/flute lead on “Early Morning Afterthoughts”, for example). In addition to Hayes’ fine soloing on tenor and, on “Down In The Village”, vibraphone, we get to hear most of the bandmembers, at least briefly, and the overall standard is quite high, with trumpeter Jimmy Deuchar and pianist Gordon Beck deserving special mention.
Highly recommended for Hayes fans and also to such modern big band devotees as have an appreciation for audiophile vinyl.

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If live gives you lemons, cut them, scratch them and put them in a beat. For that special flavor take Blu’s soothing flow to sugar it up, add Exile’s Cuts to give it some spice and make sure to replace »sour« with »refreshing«. Blu is back, happy to pour you some lemonade and his hommage to the one and only Guru is straight boom bap with a scratched hook by his partner in crime Exile, over a raw production by Beat Make Jake. 

Original b/w Instrumental 
Produced by Beat Make Jake 
Performed by Blu 
Cuts by Exile 
Artwork by Anna-Lina Balke 

"lemonade was a popular drink.. and it still is" 

verse one 
i feel it up w the juice, 
do that proof be stepping hot 
is it the truth ( is it blu ?) 
do my blues be popping off 
am i what, too what, timid or something 
should i be popping off, (blu!) 
illuminary w the blue berry rocks 4 
i got the new pair of chucks, chuck berry socks 
need a , cherry drop w that cranberry scotch 
i aint a blues guy, that aint muddy when i cruise by 
jay hawking all the freaks day walking 8 
I’m a too fly nigga, suit tie nigga 
choose wise, match like lighters and lit up 
had her too too high, i was the new nigga in her 
now im two times daily, day and night baby sitting 12 
is it just me, fit in like plush seats didn’t 
just beat, kinda like just blaze nigga 
get ya wolf paws out of my sheep coat 
b - l - u, past tense for the deep throats, biatch! 16 

"lemonade was a popular drink.. and it still is" 

verse two 
im talking about trips 
bliddys on the boat w bottle to pop 
pimp shit up in my whip 
the models, the mount of money falling out of my pocket 
its like puss eddie! 
hood heavy, w the chevy white walls im appalled 4 
all the money and the stars in the sky falling 
big bosses run shit, why try crawling 
i was five walking out of my mind into this real world 
one hand open tryna feel for her 8 
notorious deals, the films foreign, 
built for the love of the reel and still scoring 
quarter meals make you wonder what kind of meals fulfill you 
i want the answer on the platter w the bill too 12 
spilling loot out of my misery like champaign 
still intuned w the later to do the damn thang 
step ya man’s game up, put them hands way up 
roll that dro in a bill and blaze one up for the.. 16 

"lemonade was a popular drink.. and it still is" 

verse three 
sauce money influx, i crush a tall can 
soft hand fun crush plush ya whole shit down 
bridgetown barnum & bucks, i puff a spliff down 
dicks out, pardon my chucks but what the fuck 4 
my chevy been heavy, and heavy, rims ready w the skins 
let him in, naw bruh, he never met me 
just learned, over a burning bush heard 
close ya curtains, emerging from the bridge where kids burgle for burners 8 
bert and ernie in the firm seat, w the attorney 
working on a mass caper, ya papers do not concern me 
don’t worry bout the burly brothers w me, they getting a cut 
play defense, and like them tailored fits, ya feeling get .. cut 12 

"lemonade was a popular drink.. and it still is"