Have you ever read the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying?
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TGIF and there’s a 3 day weekend on the horizon. Come spend it doing yoga with me at Sangha Yoga Shala at the times listed below:
Friday - 2pm
Saturday - 11am
Sunday - 5pm
Monday - 11:30am
Hope to see you there!

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Anahata Activation How To


Begin in a comfortable seated position in this case Padmasana (Lotus Pose) although Varjasana (Thunderbolt Pose) is a great option for beginners or those with difficultly sitting cross-legged.  

Take a few deep mindful breaths, breathing all they way down into your belly lengthening your spine fully expanding your lungs.  Gently float your ribcage up and away from your pelvis.  More seasoned Yogis and Yoginis can also add contracting Mula Bandha (Root Energy Lock) as well as Uddiyana Bandha (Abdominal Energy Lock) for even deeper results.  

On the next exhalation (Rechaka) bring your hands to Anahata Charkra (Heart Center) for Anjali Mudra (Prayer Pose)

  • On the inhalation (Puraka) sweep your hands apart blossoming your chest forward, letting your shoulders melt down your back.  Lift the chin up and away from the shoulders.  
  • On the exhalation sweep the hands forward until they are parallel reaching towards the front of your mat, curving the spine bringing your chin to your chest.
  • repeat.

This asana can be done at slowly with long breath cycles or at a faster pace. Allow your body to speak to you and you will find the rhythm of your flow.

Caution this may cause activation of the Anahata Chakra which can lead to universal love and compassion for all beings and nature.


Learn more about yogicasino here.


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Do not be wise in your own eyes.

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DIY Lululemon’s Vinyasa Scarf Tutorial from Hammers and High Heels. This is such an easy DIY and only takes a 1.5 yards of fabric and snaps. Also Hammers and High Heels has even made this DIY scarf more versatile than the original. At Lululemon’s site you can find the $58 scarf here and a video on all the ways to wear it. Lululemon no longer caries this scarf online, but here’s a video on how to wear it:

From Lululemon’s site:

The possibilities are (nearly) endless with this cozy, customizable circle scarf. We made it with snaps so it could be a little bit of everything: a scarf, a wrap, a shrug, a hood – you name it! Designed with super soft and naturally breathable fabric, it’s perfect for warming up, cooling down and extra-long walks home.

The Bina Brianca Scarf is another versatile wrap. I’ve posted 3 tutorials including a snaps only option and a no sew option. My post contains the link for the PDF booklet that is so helpful and could be printed out and added if you gave the wrap as a gift.

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