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lulusdcp Questions:

1. What is your favorite Disney song?

The opening of Belle! That one always gets me in a performance mood haha.

2. Which Disney soundtrack is the most inspirational to you?

It sounds weird but probably the soundtrack from the first Tinkerbelle movie. It came on during Pandora and each song is so uplifting!

3. What is a magical moment you’ve had in the parks?

I was with my ex (it’s still a good story lol) and we had flown together to DL and during the christmas show, it started to fake snow and he kissed me on Main Street! Even though it didn’t last, it was definitely something I’ll never forget

4. Where is your favorite place in Epcot?

I’ve never been Dx

5. What was meeting your favorite princess like?

You know, I’ve never met a princess. But I’ve met Alice! That was amazing! She was so sweet and sassy, it was the best.

6. Who has been the best character you’ve met in the parks?

I met Gepetto and he was the sweetest thing! But I’ve also always wanted to meet Anastasia

7. What is more fun: playing in the parks in the day or the night?

I’ve never really had much energy to enjoy playing in the night because when I go it’s usually an all day thing. But I think if I were to dedicate to just going at night, it would be breathtaking.

8. What is something you haven’t done in one of the parks but you want to?

Meet all the princesses!!

9. What is your favorite parade?

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade!

10. Which holiday is the best to be in the parks for (as a guest)?

Halloween! I’ve never been, but everything’s better around Halloween time in my opinion

11. If you could be FRIENDS with any character, which character would you choose? 

Oh gosh, my dream is to be friends with any character to be honest haha. But specifically I would really love to be friends with Snow White, Belle, Jasmine (but with better abs lol), Anastasia, Stitch, and Minnie!

sunshineshoes questions!

1. What is your usual schedule/goal when visiting a park?

2. Who is your favorite character to meet at the park?

3. What’s your favorite food at DL or WDW?

4. What Disney song do you jam out to the most?

5. Favorite inspirational Disney quote?

6. If you could visit the park right now but you only had 30 minutes what would you do?

7. What ride do you think is the most aesthetically pleasing?

8. Which princess has the best hair?

9. What is one thing you haven’t been able to do at the parks but have always wanted to?

10. Best park experience?

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