a yearly shoutout to all the people who make my tumblr experience great :)

thanks for your edits, gifs, writing, art, concepts and jokes. im glad to have found so many cool people to talk to here, to share my spn love with. it wouldnt be the same without you! i love ur blogs LOTS!!! creme de la creme homies

special mentions go to:

  • my irl friend Justyna, whom u can see tagged in a shit ton of posts and who is also a fan of spn (spn AND a gyros joint helped me found one of my best friends lmao)
  • Han, @sunnybauds, dude,,, i love talking to you about spn and food and music and watchin spn with you and just ugh, everything. You won me over when u were like, im gonna make a spotify mix for u… i’ll take it with me 2 my grave,,, love u even tho u made me listen to lorde’s album so many times that i ended up liking it wtf
  • Sarah, @srk1o3, you’ve brought a ton of A+ music into my life, some deeply regrettable, (i pray my dick get big as the eiffel tower??!?!?!! brAH i listened to it 2 many times i love it but like smh @ kendrick), you are thE ONLY RAP/ELECTRONIC MUSIC pal i can talk to abt this and ur taste is so good, great horror/video discourse, i hope we continue to talk next year cause goals
  • Marlz @lovelybenny wishes to see my dance moves and thinks im super cool but is afraid to admit it. also loves mountains??? nature?? but i still like her somehow
  • Alex @vintagesam has asked me the most important questions, like ‘what do you think about killer clowns from outer space?’ and thanks to him i got to know very good movies and music, thanks, i literally think about you everytime i watch some weirdo monster movie
  • Hanna @tipsysam, Dani @sensitivehandsomeactionman, Fiona @ruedesarchives, Sandra @lemondropsonice, Kaz @lipglosskaz even tho we don’t talk all that much i can’t imagine tumblr without u
  • Jenny @envydean, Aimee @scentofyesterday, Pika @lizziemcguire, Kahala @spacelesbians, Emma @fightdarcy and Sam @sammy-samulet, i consider y’all some of my regular best pals on here for years whether you like it or not

here are the blogs (and people behind them) that have been filling my dash with awesome posts this year: (under the cut cause thats A LOT of people i love so many blogs smh)

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Welcome to the first ever love week hosted by me! I’m so excited to welcome you all to this big love fest. :)

I’m officially back from vacation and feeling more like myself so I wanted to do something for everyone for being so patient with me. Also another big thank you to @deantulip for letting me raid her blog and use her posts for my vacation queue. and for just being her amazing self in general. Love you babe! ;)


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That’s it! All that will be required of you that week is to send some lovely anonymous messages to the person you are paired up with. At the end of the week, you can choose to reveal yourself if you wish!

I’ll be pairing people up hopefully by July 30th, so you have until July 29th to enter. :)

Do you love the ladies of supernatural? Wanna make friends with like minded bloggers? Well look no further!

Your friendly blogger recently hit a milestone in followers and to celebrate I’m making a network of ladies stans so we can all cry over these wonderful women together ^-^


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What I’m looking for:

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  • New friends!
  • You can use the tag #spnladiesstannet to post original content and selfies and stuff
  • A place to talk freely about your favourite characters
  • My infinite love and support

I’ll be picking members some time in the near future, but there’s no time limit as of yet. I’ll be picking between 20-30 members depending on interest (that is if y’all are interested anyway) Message me with any questions you have here


“Once, a beautiful witch was, again, run out of her homeland by those pompous, self-righteous, murderous hooligans. You know them as the British Men of Letters.”

“But me, I’ve done horrible things, and I told myself it was fine. It was the price of power. And power’s what matters, right?”

“The two most powerful beings in the universe, wasting it on squabbling with each other. I thought, if—if they can’t be happy, or at least satisfied, how can there be any hope for me?”

Rowena MacLeod, 12x11

vintagesam  asked:

40 + Sastiel!! omg I just really love the idea of Sam getting a lil smile out of "I'm an Angel of the Lord" Cas omg <3

Thanks for the prompt Alex I hope you like it ^-^

The first time Sam met Castiel, the angel would barely look at him. Beyond their handshake, they didn’t really connect at all. Maybe it was the whole stoic angel thing, but Cas was clearly not the type to go out offering smiles, no matter how much Sam was casually fangirling over him. Sam shrugged and accepted it. It wasn’t Cas’ place to make Sam feel included. 

By the second time they met, it had become clear that Dean could make Cas smile. Sam on the other hand, well Cas would still barely look at him. If Sam did speak to Cas and only Cas, the angel would just look up and nod at best, ignore what Sam said at worst. Sam wished he could just get Cas to talk to him like a real human being - well as human as an angel could get - but it didn’t look like that was going to happen any time soon. 

The third time they met, it was clear Cas wasn’t looking to be friends. Dean, he got. All Dean had to do was say something slightly amusing and Cas would smile, laugh sometimes. He liked to laugh about human nature, how strange people were. Sam was quieter, didn’t make as many jokes, wasn’t typical human nature and Cas knew that Sam wasn’t normal. Maybe that’s why he wouldn’t even crack a smile when Sam said something funny. At least he’d actually started looking at him properly now.

It was only a matter of time before the silences between Sam and Cas became strained. If Dean wasn’t there to fill up the space, then things between Sam and Cas were just awkward. It must have been about the tenth time that Sam had seen the angel, when things finally boiled over.

Sam was sprawled across the backseat of the Impala while Dean drove. There was a bullet hole in his leg and blood was spewing all over the seat. Sam was trying his hardest to keep his leg above his head to stop the blood from pouring out, Dean kept screaming about Baby’s upholstery and (not for the first time) Sam wondered if Dean cared more about the damn car than him. Everything was going fine, or as fine as they could be, until Cas landed in the backseat underneath Sam’s still bleeding leg.

“You’re bleeding,” Cas announced, giving Sam a curious look. “You’ve been shot. Why didn’t you call, I can heal this.” Cas seemed so damn concerned, Sam wondered what had happened to their regular Cas.

“Well I’m not dead so,” Sam shrugged. And then it happened. Castiel actually smiled at something Sam had said. Despite his bleeding leg, despite the stinging pain running up his body, despite the fear that it was probably infected because Sam just had that kind of luck - Sam grinned.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

“I find your optimism amusing,” Cas replied, the smile still on his face. “Now let me heal your leg, Dean doesn’t seem to pleased about the blood on his car.“ There was a teasing tone in his voice, something he’d never shared when talking to Sam. It was like a miracle.

Cas gently took hold of Sam’s leg, his fingers finding the wound pretty quickly. He could feel his skin pull together, healing instantly under Cas’ careful touch. The pain melted away from his body, and Sam felt his muscles relax for the first time since he’d been shot.

"Are you feeling better?” Castiel questioned, looking at Sam’s face for some kind of cue. “I wish you weren’t so willing to put your life on the line for this.”

“What d'you mean?” Sam asked.

“You come home from almost every one of your hunts with a new injury,” Cas said. “It’s frustrating to see something so beautiful marred with so many preventable scars.”

“It’s just the job,” Sam shrugged. It was all he ever knew, he’d been coming home with fresh scars since he knew what lurked in the dark. All of a sudden, Sam realised what Cas had said. 

“Hang on a second! Did you call me beautiful?”

The colour drained from Cas’ face, his eyes bulged as he himself realised what he said. He tried to stutter out some kind of an answer, but his tongue didn’t seem to be cooperating with his brain. His gaze fell to the floor, like he couldn’t look at Sam out of embarrassment. All Sam wanted to do was pull Castiel into a hug, tell him it was okay. He didn’t get the opportunity though, because Cas took off in flight before Sam could. Sam blinked at the empty space where Cas had been sat a second before.

“I think you’re in there, Sammy,” Dean spoke up. There was a shit eating grin on his face. “Seriously, though, did you think there was any other reason he was avoiding you other than his damn crush on you. I’ve had to listen to it for weeks; do you think Sam likes me? How do humans show affection? Should I kiss him? He’s such a sap.”
With his newly healed leg, Sam kicked the back of Dean’s seat.

“Jerk. You better have told him yes.”

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