This is important

If you are hanging with girls that you call “friends” and somehow you feel that something is off, like when you talk and they interrupt you in the middle of a sentence. You talk and they literally ignore you. Or they say “I’m going to call you” and they never call. They’re “not going out” and you later out of nowhere find out they went out anyway. They stood you up?

Fuck them. They crearly don’t need you. Maybe you are trying too hard for them to like you. You don’t have to tolerate that. You don’t need them. Be alone. Love yourself. Take that time to know you better. To pick better judgement on new friends. Because you deserve that. There’s nothing wrong with you. Girls can be that way. You’ll find a good friend even if it’s far away from another country or near your neighborhood. But never be like that people, ever. When that true friendship comes to your life, you will know what you’ve missed. You will be glad that you finally find it. Everything else is just smoke.

My advice. A story of my own -witchcraftandcauldrons