I am over the moon happy about these little accessories that @rockafrilly sent me!! Remember that package I posted earlier today? These are two of the amazing things inside. My leopard print wood stud earrings and classic pinup pin!! Eeeek! How adorable!! Thank you @rockafrilly for always having the most unique items!! #thevintagedoll #vintagedollofficial #rockafrilly #rockabillygirl #pinup #pinupstyle

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! The day women In a relationship love, men in a relationship do not love, and single people complain all day about, but you know what I say, Walmart has chocolate for a dollar so let’s all get chocolate wasted and enjoy the day!! This great photo was taken by Sundance Photography #thevintagedoll #vintagedollofficial #valentinesday #pinup #pinupvalentine

“Beauty requires no size or age or race and it’s about time that the news is finally starting to spread.”

Join The Vintage Dolls Body & Self Love Walk.

CURVY IN OUR OWN WAYS AND BEAUTIFUL IN THEM ALL!! It’s time to show the world what’s REAL and what true beauty is! That it comes in many different bodies and faces and they are all to be appreciated as respected!

“For it is not the body type that defines a woman but the heart and soul that is inside that body that truly says how beautiful she is!” Email your photo and story of self love and accepting who you are to #thevintagedoll #vintagedollofficial #selflove #selfacceptance #realbeauty