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In no particular order:

1. Lion King - seriously, I get so excited for that opening scene.

2. flowers - specifically ranunculuses. rununculi?

3. coffee

4. late night talks over breakfast food

5. the flea markets near my great-aunt’s house

6. dogs

7. hiking

8. sunsets, long walks on the beach (just kidding, I hate the beach)

9. the Smoky Mountains (and the whole state of Tennessee tbh)

10. hand written letters

11. summer thunderstorms

12. It Ain’t Me Babe - Johnny Cash & June Carter

13. baseball

14. driving alone with the windows down and the music up

15. puns. All the puns.

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1.Whats a song that you can listen to an instantly be comforted by?

"Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" - Ottis Redding

2. What book/books have influenced you and left an impact on you?

Well “A Tale of Two Cities” is literally tattoo’d on my body, so I will go ahead and say that one. And cliche aside, Huck Finn and Gatsby. Those 2 are American classics and the Authors have left immeasurable thumbprints on literature and language. I recognize that.

3. Favorite food?


3. Do you ever have re-accruing dreams? If so what is it?

Yes. 2, nightmares, in fact. One is a tsunami crushing repeatedly on me as I hold on to the bars of an outer stairwell. Desperately holding on as to not get swept out to sea. The other, I am burrowing into a hole as if I am a groundhog and I get so compacted in the hole I have no room to move my limbs and spiral into a panic. Really fucking cool, subconscious.

4. If you could be immortal or live forever would you?

Considering that my biggest living fear is watching whose I love pass… I would not choose a life where I have to constantly endure that.

5. Favorite memory as a child?

Just going to the local pool with my dad, diving sticks, noodles, a cooler loaded with a picnic lunch and being with him.

6. Three songs from the soundtrack of your life.

"For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica

"Innamorata" - Dean Martin

"Echo" - Incubus

(This is like trying to contain a cyclone. Near impossible to pin.) 

7. Who are your muses or influences if you have any?

They are more things rather than people; Nature. Rock and Roll. Coy. (Not fish, but the act of being)

8.Favorite Season?

Fall…. but when Spring is in bloom, its rears it stunning head.

9. Favorite actor or actress

Stanley Tucci/Kevin Spacey - Diane Keaton/Kate Winslet

10. Do you have a motto or mantra you live by? What is it!?

"Life Flows on within you and Without You"


  1. Fuck, Marry, Kill : Ron, Hermione, Harry.
  2. Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, Big Ben : Where is your best selfie (plus monument) being taken and why there? (Feel free to eclipse any of these and add your own fanciful landmark!)
  3. Favorite accessorie; Black floppy hat, dozen bangles, or simple necklace? For you dudes: Stachel, Ball Cap, or just your wallet?
  4. Night on the town; Just a nude shimmer, drastic red lip, plum pout? And what does it say about you?
  5. What is your favorite band/song right now?
  6. If you had to describe your current state of emotion based on water energy, i.e.. still, choppy, glassy, tidal, etc…. what water are you?
  7. Sexiest lead singer of all time?
  8. When playing Mario Cart as a child, because we all did…. which character where you?
  9. If someone would have taken a picture of the best moment of your day, what would it have looked like. Details please. (I like to paint a picture in my head.)
  10. What is your favorite slang term used by other English speaking peoples whom are un-American. For instance mine is the British “Sod Off” which means “Fuck Off” or “Fanny” which means Vagina.
  11. Fuck, Marry, Kill - George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney 


vintageborn asked:

Hi! I adore your lovely blog! It is so beautiful and reflects so well your love for Christ. I enjoy it so much and I would love for you to check mine out as well! :) -Joanna

Hi, Joanna! Thank you very much for the lovely compliment. I really appreciate it. I would be happy to check out your blog, dear. :)

vintageborn asked:

I adore Candice/Caroline & have always been a Fray fan, so I had to comment. ;)Totally get where y'all are coming from, any situation like that is hard & obviously we have no idea what they're relationship is like. But I just wanted to mention that I saw The Fray's concert this summer & Candice was there w/ his daughters. She let people come up & talk & she was very sweet to us, but I could tell those girls were her top priority. She seemed like she would be a great stepmom. Just some input! :)

(Cont.) But I definitely feel that when you get married, it is for life, especially if their are children involved. Divorces are never something to encourage. I hope for his daughters, that they are making the right decision and Candice will be a great stepmom and not a substitute for their own momma. It’s none of my business though, so I won’t say anything else. :)

Well aren’t you a Lucky Duck! Haha! Nothing that cool ever happens to me!

Love your perspective and all your points! I agree that Candice will be a great stepmother. I think Joe and the girls will be lucky to have her! 

I hope they are happy and that his past, and her age, don’t cause them problems in the future! 

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Alright, here we go!

1. If you were to compare yourself to any celebrity, who would it be and why? 

Well physically I have been told I resemble everyone from Cameron Diaz to Even Rachel Wood to Elizabeth Olson. I think personality-wise, I appreciate Jennifer Lawrence as a Hollywood Icon because she seems to be exactly who she is. She tells goofy stories, laughs at her silliness and is completely unabashed when everyone else is too concerned with preserving their false image. That is something I identify with - so in flattering myself, Jennifer Lawrence. 

2. What is one thing you were afraid of when you were a child? 

There is still something under my bed. Duh.

3. What is your favorite song at the moment? 

I have yet to get sick of 2 songs that pop up on the radio; “Do I Wanna Know?” - The Arctic Monkeys. I bought “AM” on vinyl for Shawn for Christmas. So that album in general has been on loop and it makes (us) happy. Also, on Pop Radio; “Counting Stars” - One Republic. I think I may just really be jazzed because my friend and old co-worker, Brian Willet, is their keyboardist. I am excited on the success they have seen since him joining their squad. He is a really sweet kid who deserves all of the incredible joys that come with touring and recording. 

4. Describe a time when you realized your passion (whether it be a hobby or a career choice). 

A really passion driven time for me was the “from scratch” cultivation of a acrylic mural I did with my girlfriend Cara on the backside of the garage at her mothers house. We would turn on music, or Annie Leibovitz documentaries, study art and photography and paint endlessly. Things were simple then and I just remembered feeling really balanced within my art(s). I am constantly inspired by beautiful art, photographs and food on Tumblr every day. That is why I enjoy this space so much.

5. If there was no limit with money, where would you like to travel to and why? 

Australia. I want to see all the animals! (Answered question similar to this previously)

6. What is your favorite hobby? How long have you enjoyed that hobby? 

Food and Photos.

Photography. I have tried to have a camera in my hand for most important moments of my life. In high school I was so much more of a “fine-art” nut with my oil paintings, sketching, animation and sculpting. After high school, I started dabbling with digital and film photography with my girlfriend Celina, and friends David, Hayden and Logan. All of which are photographers and Logan, the son of a professional photog with warehouse space in our hometown. Everything we did was documented. Trips to SB, Logan’s birthday trip around LA Museums, painting in the Hollywood apartment, etc. We just always keep the shutter moving. My 20th birthday was a photo-party. The entire thing happened in front of the camera. It was amazing and memories I will have FOREVER. Now, even as a 24 year old, I am constantly learning, and growing into my personal style and forever thirsty for the perfect shot. It is something I really enjoy, and take much pride in!

Gosh, but  when it is not photography, it is cooking. I am in the kitchen as much as I possibly can. That is another true passion for me. Doing recipe research, going to the farmers market, then getting my hands dirty in the kitchen is a pure joy! Feeding people; making sure they are well fed and equally drunk makes me smile. I love people around MY table, enjoying life. It is tops.

7. How would spend a rainy day? Indoors or outdoors? What would you do? 

Indoors. Bundled up with tomato soup. Either reading, painting or watching a marathon of movies. I sulk in the rainy weather! LOVE IT!

8. Winter, spring, summer or fall?

Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer in that order. 

9. What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to TV? 

Mean Girls. Always. I will never change the channel.

10. Describe the best day you ever had. 

This is near impossible. I have many days that have floored me….. the most recent being my and Shawn’s day at Disneyland. It was just a perfect stint at the happiest place on earth!

11. If we met in person, what would our day of fun include?

Lots of hugs. Yummy food. Lots of drink and endless conversation. Just paling around like old friends!


My Questions to You:

1. What would you most like to do for someone else if you had the money and time?

2. Is it more difficult to speak kindly or honestly? Explain.

3. What equality do you believe is the most important in marriage?

4. If you decided to go on a spiritual journey, where would you go and what would you do?

5. What makes our generation unique?

6. What do you think is the ideal age?

7. In which activity would you like a lesson from an expert?

8. What is the last thing you cried about?

9. Which is more important: The respect of your (future) children or the respect of your parents?

10. If you could give all humans one virtue, which would you choose?

11. Is it more essential: establishing beliefs or gaining knowledge?

12. Is justice or forgiveness more important?

13. Which language would you like to speak fluently?

14. If you could have another name, what would you choose?


vintageborn asked:

Gosh! Seriously Vicki, I could only be following you and I would be perfectly fine!!! Flawless as always! Thank you for the amazing gifs, you are the hardest working blogger I know! :)

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! omfg let me love you! this is the nicest message ever <33 thank you!

Watch on

If you follow me, I’m sure you already know what an advocate I am for the unborn and new little lives.This commercial is SO important and I absolutely adore Pampers for making it and sending it into the world. I remember seeing this on tv for the first time and being so incredibly touched because it reached me on such a personal level. Yes, I am a devout pro-life advocate, but also my personal experience was that my mother became pregnant with my baby brother quite later in her life and the doctors insisted that there would be issues with having a child at her age. It is made very clear by society that once a woman reaches a certain age it is ridiculous to conceive a child, because of selfish reasons. My brother is perfectly healthy and fine and even if he had had an illness or deformity because of my mother’s age, that would not have made him less valuable, but infinitely more valuable. He would still be meant to come into this world and be unconditionally loved by our family. I am so happy that this company made a point to let people know that life is sacred no matter how or when it happens. I never thought a simple commercial could make such an impact, and maybe you don’t appreciate it like I do, but hopefully it will help you think a little more about how truly precious every life is.

Xo -J