As we welcome “The Year of the Snake”, few people have been audacious enough to claim the serpent as their nickname.  One of the few was Ken “The Snake” Stabler, a partyin’ good ol’ boy who quarterbacked the feared Oakland Raiders in the 1970’s.  He may or may not have been the inspiration for films like “North Dallas 40” and “Semi-Tough”, star vehicles for ex football playing actors with bad knees like Burt Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson.

Many have heard of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter as the wrongfully-convicted boxer in Bob Dylan’s hit song or Norman Jewison’s award-winning film. But Carter proved to be a true fighter and defender of justice, long after getting out of prison. 

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Dans l'objectif de Toma : Monaco Historique

Dans l’objectif de Toma : Monaco Historique

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Le week-end du 13 au 15 mai avait lieu le Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. L’occasion pour tous de revoir les vieilles gloires du circuit. Toma de Saulieu était au bord de la piste.

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