1928 Viville Perfume ad by totallymystified

Paulding Farnham, Perfume Bottle for Tiffany & Co, 1893. New York. Gold, agate, yellow sapphires, dementoid garnets, red garnets, and amethyst.

Honey is the thematic scheme of this unique vessel. The agate body suggests the cell-like shape and waxen material of the honeycomb; the diagonal pattern, its texture. The lid’s surface features honeysuckle leaves, honeybees, and bumblebees. This small object was one of the jewels of the Tiffany & Company display at the Chicago Exposition of 1893.

Parfums Lucien Lelong, Lipstick and box, 1935-42. Paris. FIDMmuseum

The French couturierfirst began creating perfumes in 1926 with the introduction of the ABC perfume trio. He clearly understood the potential of diversifying, as he established a Chicago branch almost immediately. Lelong took a personal interest in the appearance of his perfume and cosmetics, often designing the packaging himself. More