The Cocktail Party by T.S. Eliot

  • Amazon: 4.1/5
  • Goodreads: 3.7/5

“The Cocktail Party” by T.S. Eliot is a 20th century play, dealing with ‘nothingness’ as its main theme coupled with a sense of detachment towards reality. ‘Love’, 'trust’ and 'loyalty’ is seen as mere words in this play, they literally weigh nothing more than a penny! And the characters are seen in a constant search, there is nothing in particular as to what they are searching but it happens unconsciously. The aristocratic way of living always include the thrilling parties as a part of their lifestyles and thus, substantiating the significance of the title. The play starts off with a cocktail party being thrown at the Chamberlayne’s house (Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlayne are the central characters), the gathering for this party includes an 'unidentified guest’ - which is peculiar but which was accepted. I don’t know if the characters were meant to speak of their delusions or if it was the alcohol that probed them to speak their hearts out, but the result is that each one is guilty of something or the other. Throughout the play, there is a sense of void created in everyone and this is very evidently seen through the characters’ poetic dialogues. The play ends on an inclination towards the line of hope leaving the play to be one having the modern circumstances depicted in it and at the same time a sense of optimistic feeling.

by guest reviewer Suhasini Srihari

Read excerpts from the book here!

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dearcuriouser  asked:

New to cult party kei! For the looks of it is mostly lace and delicate pieces right? What's the difference between cult party kei, vintage kei and dolly kei? And you think those styles can be mix with mori?

This here explains the differences with respect to doll kei.

I used to dress mori and, personally, think you could mix them both. Using sheer fabrics with mori would make it look floaty and fairy like. You could be a forest sprite, a nymph etc. Dolly could translate with vintage floral dresses and gives opportunity to add more colors.