This Week’s Featured GC Scent

Scent: Black Cat

CollectionConjure Bag, a series inspired by authentic New Orleans voodoo recipes

Description“A very tricky kitty, indeed. Used most often as a key to bringing back the joy one needs to have in life in order for living to feel worthwhile. Brings back a sense of delight in simple pleasures, and creates a surge of childlike curiosity and a youthful sense of fun. This blend can also be used to reverse troublesome lesser crossings, create a playful air of catlike sexuality, and, because cats will be cats, it can also be used to throw minor, irritating or bothersome hexes, causing small amounts of chaos and disruption to your foes.”

For a good time, pair with: A screening of either the 1942 or 1982 versions of “Cat People,” two films with very different spins on the same subject: an accursed race of people who turn into wild animals when aroused. 

In the earlier film, the main character’s perfume is described as “not like flowers exactly… it’s like something warm, and living.” The latter, set in New Orleans, features a David Bowie soundtrack.

Also check out the 1944 sequel “Curse of the Cat People,” which is just as haunting despite *ahem* containing no actual cat people. 

Follow along each week as we explore our general catalog one fragrance at a time! In the meantime, become the black cat that crosses everyone else’s path.

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