La chiromante by Truus, Bob & Jan too!

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Italian postcard for La chiromante aka La maschera del male (Mario Almirante, Fert 1922), starring Italia Almirante Manzini, Lido Manetti and Oreste Bilancia. No. 35. Caption: You fool, if you stay with her, you'll be worthy of her!

After she has been victim of rape by her stepfather (Franz Sala) when she was young, Lucretia (Italia Almirante), as an adult, decides to take revenge by being implacable to all men. Becoming ‘Countess Turchina’, owner of a gambling house, she catches the men to destroy them, first economically and subsequently, with the art of her fatal seduction, reducing them to slaves. But when she meets a young man called Santino (Lido Manetti) she falls in love with, but to whom she saves the fate of all the others, she withdraws out of repentance to a kindergarten to assist abandoned children.