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The unreleased posters are up! Just kidding. Recreating a retro poster for CAROL, dir. Todd Haynes just because. Haha.

Clearly not the best editing skills and omfg I misspelled Jake’s last name!

.. Andrei Tarkovsky’s excellent movie idea turned into this beautiful poster | unfortunately, the Author of this outstanding movie poster remains unknown | poster was designed almost six years after the movie was made 1972-1978, screening must have been also delayed, but not certain about the destiny of Solaris/Tarkovsky in old Czechoslovakia, all we know Andrei was not their usual propaganda subscriber :) | ..

(via Andrei Tarkovsky | Solaris, Vintage Movie Poster, 1978)


We blame the arrival of this book at our office for the sudden urge to don sunglasses, pull out our trench coats, and light a cigar. Mark Fertig’s lushly oversized coffee table art book, Film Noir 101: The 101 Best Film Noir Posters from the 1940s-1950s, is here!

Listen, we know you’re no square. Get your kicks with our downloadable preview, then call dibs on the book when it comes out in August. You dig?