More Vintage Disney!

This is from our trip in 1990. I was 7 and Lauren was 10. Notice we are both rockin’ our own fanny packs. What a 7 year old needed a fanny pack for I do not know.  ;) But I still love that tie-dye Mickey & Minnie shirt I’m wearing and would wear it again in a heartbeat! (Maybe in a larger size. hehe)

Mickey was the best! He acted utterly shocked that Lauren had a “miniature” version of Pluto. As you can tell I was greatly amused by this! :)

I have a lot more memories from this trip than I do the one from 87, but I honestly don’t know it it’s because I was older or because we have so many home movies that I’ve watched over and over. Isn’t it funny how you can’t tell what are real memories or video memories? Still wonderful memories, either way.