ADAW 19/52 Freund und Gefährte warst du mir, als Waffenbrüder kämpften wir (Waffenbruder - Vogelfrey) von Roterwolkenvogel

Rare footage of the brothers being nice and on the same side. You know, before Varekai joined Pazuzu and Rajko married his ex-husband’s little sister.

The ‘what is what’
Limwha Limho Mono tan (2009 and 2014), faceups by MayYeo and Dr Krow, in Nezumitoo / pepperonipizza, wigs by eclipse 21 and Tonner, eyes from enchanted doll Soom horns with airbrush by Ara
Lulubell is a vintage taxidermy mink with harness by syrinxfox


Haul today from my bone pits.

Row one is old man raccoon. His skull is so dense i thought he still had brain in him and his teeth are really neat.

Row two is a coy and another raccoon

Last row is a opossom and all the jaw bones (including badger jaws. Skull wasnt done yet)
And a tinyyy mink! I have two sets of jaws since one skull was smashed so im thinging of making earings out of them :3

Off to be degresed soon (im ganna try ammonia wish me luck)

Coy and mink will be for sale

Also still have another raccoon skull, raccoon skull with back of the head bullet wound, 2 beaver skulls, a coy pelt, tons of bones (deer and fur bearer bones) 2 craft grade opossoms, tons of groundhogs, 2 mink pelts, tooons of vintage mink, and various painted jaws.

Also working on 2 coy pelts, 6 raccoons (one so far is just the back fur and tail and will be cheap)

Message me for pics or questions:3 open to trades but im extremely picky (its not u its that i have to many species)