Strange Vintage Advertising

"Heavens! What will keep these children quiet?" A canister of tobacco that’s what. The creepy twin babies are smiling at each other holding cans of tobacco. And the second picture, why would Jockey show a small boy put a gun in his underwear? If your little man’s a packin’, Jockeys “keep their fit”. And to finish the trio, why does America’s No.1 Glamour Gal have a pack of Sno-Balls for a head? Because “these well-stacked Sno-Balls have more than sex appeal…”

Bra Sizes - A Thing of the Past

For decades women have been in pursuit of that holy grail-the perfect bra. For just as long bra manufacturers have dangled the promise of perfectly designed  bras that would transform your figure into alluring perfection. Now with Jockey weighing in, it seems bra sizes have become as dated and quaint as the vintage illustrations found in mid century bra advertising. Take a peek

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