Nogeyama Park ca. 1900 by Wolfgang Wiggers

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Nogeyama Park in Yokohama. Hand colored albumen print around 1900.

(As zoo57 pointed out, this is not the park but the tori gate to the Iseyama shrine grounds. Thank you!)

There’s this book at the library I’m dying to get but I can’t until I get my brand new “adult” library card and pay my wee $0.50 fine. It’s the history of the people of Japan from 1870-1930 in pictures–Japan, specifically Kyoto and Gion.

Which means tons of gorgeously gaudy false-color pictures of Geisha. Yay!
The pictures are all glossy, too, and very large. I’ll be copying a lot of them, you can bet. Great screen savors.

I’ve never been too interested in Anime, but I’ve always loved the Japanese culture. Most of it is elaborate and ceremonial, some of it is fucking disturbing and what-the-fuck–but all of it is beautiful.