I just got home from the dentist and I have two things to say…

One is this picture of a recreation of a 7000 year old dental tool is one of the scariest things I have ever seen.

To quote the info page : “Roughly 8,000 years before Novocaine and some 7,300 years before they could even swig whiskey to dull the pain, prehistoric patients were having holes drilled into their teeth with drill bits carved from stone.

Scientists found 11 teeth from the skeletons of four females, two males and three individuals of unknown gender in an ancient cemetery in Pakistan that show signs of having undergone the painful procedure.”

Uh. Yeah. Nice.

And number two… fake teeth are weird.

Looking for a terrifically scary Halloween costume? Go as a turn-of-the-century dentist and chase all the kids around, shouting “Let me at them chompers!”