Memories of 2305 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, Calif. (written on the back) (eBay purchase)

So… here they are… the three “college boys”… “taking a trip out west” (see previous post here). They are young… life is ahead. Only thing is… it’s circa 1937-1941… US involvement in the bloody WWII lies ahead… With hindsight… I’m in awe before such pictures… What would happen / happened to them in the years to come? Did they make it allright? Or… ?

In a way (ok, you may say it’s irrelevant… but -), it reminds me of this… All those happy people… all this innocence… with no clue of what lies ahead…

Oh, those happy summers…


Okay so I received a vintage clipboard that used to belong to my great grandma (the clipboard is 106+ years old) and many of y'all know that my headcanon for Nathaniel is that he owns a collection og vintage clipboards. His favorite having Leonardo DiCaprio in it. I am proud to present that clipboard to you all now lmao