Linda, 31

“I’m wearing a vintage hat and coat, Versus blue-tinted sunglasses, turquoise Columbia PFG shirt from an outdoor survival store, artisan snake bolo tie and jewelry from far Northern California, Adidas track pants from Tokyo, socks from Mont Bell, Helmut Lang sneakers from NYC. My style is inspired by living off-the-grid and in NYC, dancing, meditating, being on the move. My current favorites are California kayaking fabric to make new shapes out of for the winter, Helly Hansen sailing gear from Tokyo, and own line called Cradle Regalia.”

Sep 24, 2017 ∙ MoMa PS1

how many of you other hunties n huntresses were G A G G E D when you were a little bittie just watching cartoon network during christmas time and Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer came on? Cousin Mel really was THAT BITCH! Grinch who? Scrooge WHO? Cousin Mel was serving looks on looks on looks while trying to take down grandma and destroy christmas! like her fit is so iconic. that Harry Winston necklace paired with the signature Hermes white scarf and a cropped Gucci blouse? like who is this bitch? and don’t even get me STARTED on that vintage YSL blue coat with real mink blue fur trim on the collar and cuffs? like when will your fav? Miss Mel is a legend and that’s that on THAT!