For the anonymous individual who asked to see what’s in my bag (I wear a vintage Coach shoulder-bag day-to-day): my journal, a book (currently researching for my own written work by reading my great uncle’s work), a pen, hand cream, Caudalie beauty elixir, lip balm, house keys, and headphones. I left out my wallet and phone.


I am not a master in the fine art of bathroom selfies, and I usually have a no-selfie policy, but in the case of this shirt I wanna show it off. This came yesterday, and it’s from @redemsi ‘s redbubble store. It’s so comfy, and the image is so good. It’s my new favourite shirt. (relaxed fit, size L - I’m 5′2 and usually a size 10/12, depending on brand.) The cotton’s a bit thin so I’ve got it over a camisole, but so far no flashing.

Also, the bag? Heh. One of my favourite femme things in the world is purses (I’m not a Shoe Girl at all). Since I do not have a new leather bag salary, I got sucked into the world of vintage Coach rehab. This was a $15 ebay find that I rebuilt (Bleecker Duffle 10398, whiskey / brass hardware) and it wasn’t until I was halfway through polishing the brass that I realized …. it’s Asgardian’s bag. 

Notice the wide strap and ring hardware. 

A better shot of the other strap side of my Bleecker:

Billy’s bag gets drawn with a flap sometimes, and sometimes not, but my firm belief is now that he swiped one of his mom’s bags, and hoped she wouldn’t notice. ;)