DR. SIGMUND FREUD, Psychoanalytic treatment room with the coach, Vienna, Austria, 1938


Striped Sweater

This weekend was spent with friends and there was lots of PLANTS involved. The best being the morning we all spent at the Garfield Park Conservatory.

I haven’t purchased new clothes in so long, but CityChic just had a fantastic little sale and I snagged this super soft oversized striped sweater for casual weekend days. I love it so much and I’m also so happy to have some new items in my wardrobe.

So we’re back in action sort of here at InTheThickOfIt. at least for now. I hope to interact with some more folks. I’m trying to build up my instagram a bit too - so make sure to follow me there - I post lots of day-to-day stuff. It’s not as curated. 

Yes my hair is longer. Yes I’m fatter. Yes I am happy.

Striped Sweater - Sz L - City Chic
Denim - Sz 18 - Kut from Kloth
Silver Boots - BC Boots
Glasses - SEE Eyewear
Necklace - local boutique AdHoc
Bag - Vintage Coach

Tyler, 23

“I’m wearing a vintage Christian Dior trench coat, a Zara silk shirt, secondhand jeans that I re-designed/repurposed myself, a Club Monaco belt, Dr. Marten’s shoes, lots of vintage rings and necklaces, and a vintage Coach bag. I am all about remaining unique and showing my personality through my style. I have always had an obsession with finding one of a kind pieces, which is why I love vintage clothing. I also love re-designing things myself, so a lot of the time, especially with jeans, I will buy them and completely redo them.”

May 13, 2017 ∙ Industry City

1986 NFL Playoffs

New York Giants Harry Carson (53), Lawrence Taylor (56) give defensive coach Bill Belichick a Gatorade Shower after the Giants defeated the San Francisco 49ers 49-3 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ on January 4, 1987.

(Photos by Jerry Wachter/Sports Illustrated)

For the anonymous individual who asked to see what’s in my bag (I wear a vintage Coach shoulder-bag day-to-day): my journal, a book (currently researching for my own written work by reading my great uncle’s work), a pen, hand cream, Caudalie beauty elixir, lip balm, house keys, and headphones. I left out my wallet and phone.