Insecurity (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Hello lovebugs! I really want to ride the wave of writing inspiration, so here’s another fill! Anon wanted “Reader and Reid do it for the first time but the reader has a small chest and it’s her first time so she is really nervous” and I hope this delivers! Unbeta’d! JSYK It does deal with some self-image issues and mentions of bullying. Fluffy smut warning!

Spencer Reid: I’m finishing up the paperwork, I should be over within the hour and then we can get dinner. I can’t wait to see you.

You sighed at the sweet message, both in infatuation and worry. This was your six month anniversary and your relationship was in that weird limbo where you should have taken it to a more physical level already, but you would always claim you weren’t ready. Spencer knew you were a virgin and even though he wasn’t, he would never even fathom pressuring you, but you felt the pressure yourself. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have sex with Spencer, if you were honest with yourself you thought about at least twelve times a day - but who’s counting?

You trusted Spencer with all your heart and you’ve never been in love like this before. You were just scared. Scared to bare your body to anyone besides yourself. Scared to make that big leap. Despite knowing better, you couldn’t help but feel the weight of your virginity and the power society puts on it.

You fixed your hair in the mirror and took off the bathrobe, you grabbed your best push-up bra and hooked it on. It was your go-to date night bra, your chest was the feature you were most insecure about. You never felt like a woman, in the mirror you saw your breasts as barely there at all. Back in high school, the locker room was a nightmare mean girls would tell you the boy’s locker room was on the other side of the gym and throw tissues at you so you could stuff. Back then you listened to your mom when she said some ladies are late bloomers, and at 26 you now knew this was the body you were dealt with. It didn’t mean you had to be 100% happy with it. You adjusted your breasts as best you could so they’d sit on top of the padding, creating the illusion that they were fuller.

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permanentguitar  asked:

ok, speaking of shawn... what are your thoughts on his current style/wardrobe? if you were his stylist, would you like to see it change in any way? just curious! (for me personally, i love the fit of his clothes right now & how he's built a classic "uniform" of sorts for himself) 😉

I don’t know if you know that my profession is stylist lol so this question is spot on for me haha

I’m loving the current change in his style because I couldn’t deal with the boring neutrals and constant t-shirt/henley rotation. Not that I don’t love a good henley.

He’s having things tailored BEAUTIFULLY. They’re nipped in at his waist, they’re not too tight on his arms. It’s perfect. 

He’s not the personality to wear something crazy. I love that he’s not afraid of a unique pattern and that when he dresses up for events there’s ALWAYS a unique element to the suit. The cut will be different like the Balenciaga suit. Or it will have a modern twist like wearing a leather jacket instead of a suit coat or that embroidered suit jacket. It’s an amazing take on classics that make him stand out. 

I’d love to see some more color. Not bright colors. Rich colors. Deep purples and reds. I’d love to see more leather on him. A motorcycle boot or a classic soft worn in vintage leather jacket with buckle detail. 

He wears clothes so well he could pretty much wear anything.

we own the night;

member- yoongi

genre- fluff, angst, au

words- 4,397

summary- it’s the last day you and yoongi have before you leave for college and you dont intend to waste it. smalltown!au

a/n- longest piece of writing on this blog, whaddup. this is my story dedicated to my ultimate bias, Min Yoongi, since it’s his birthday. i really hope you like this, because it ripped out my soul to write. but yeah please dont hate me

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It’s supposed to be the best four years of your life- that’s what they say, right? “Oh, you’ll make all you best memories in high school!” or “Make the most of it, because you’ll never get it back!” is pounded into your head from the moment you begin. Those overused mantras alone bring upon enough pressure to not only get good grades, but to make sure you succeed in making enough memories and attend enough events and join enough clubs to have a “good” experience. It’s like these are your last chances to ever have a happy life.

And that is the thing that terrifies you the most. 

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steal her look: ‘jasmine from miami a.k.a. ms. young & pruned’

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