#ThrowbackThursday to the beginning of the twentieth century, when today’s amusement parks were just taking form. This circa 1905 pamphlet advertises Edward Boyce’s amusement park planning and designing services and touts some of his successful attractions in locations across the country. In addition to the rides that today’s amusement park attendees would recognize as the precursors of log flumes, tall slides, and roller coasters, Boyce also advertises recreations of disasters like the Johnstown Flood and Pompeii. 

This circa 1905 catalog is  f Pam 2001.207 in Hagley’s Published Collections. You can view the entire pamphlet in our Digital Archives.  


Toyota Hiace, 1969. by v.valenti

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It doesn’t get much more iconic than a ‘57 Chevy.  Ads like this one urged UWM students to “Come on in and see what it does for driving fun!”  Granted, the roads of Milwaukee in January (when this ad ran) probably didn’t look too much like Malibu.


(And with all the construction going on it’s hard to drive anywhere right now! -Molly)

From the UWM Post Collection.