vintage yellow shirt

kurt and blaine meet for the first time when asked to film a video about kissing strangers

Kurt’s on his way home from school when he’s approached—nice looking young girl, frizzy brown hair swept up into a ponytail, all big smiles and excited gestures. She explains about a project for her sociology class, and he thinks, why not? He is woefully single, after all.

There are fewer people than he expected in the little studio he’d been invited to, but hey, this kind of thing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He signs himself in with the same frizzy-haired girl he’d met on the street, and moves a little awkwardly over to the wall, ready to wait for the project to begin.

After a short while, they’re invited to gather in a semi-circle to be debriefed. Kurt positions himself carefully between a couple of hipster-ish girls, and glances around the circle. There are a few cute guys, but none that really catch his eye.

The woman debriefing them opens her mouth to speak when there’s a loud knock on the door and someone bursts in, breathing heavily. “I’m so sorry I’m late, I almost forgot—“

Kurt turns round to survey the newcomer, and immediately feels his face flush, because—well, if he didn’t have a desired kissing partner beforehand, he certainly does now.

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