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Over the past days, the man himself John Romero put this set of Doom 2 floppy disks on sale. And as you can see, that was the final price (USD).

And then misinformation ran fucking wild, so I’m making this post just in case you heard some bogus nonsense about this sale.

-These are not the Doom 2 master disks. Those are still sitting at id software’s offices (even Tim Willits, God bless him, had a knee-jerk reaction and posted a picture of them on social media).

These are just your common, run-of-the-mill installation floppy disks that were in when you bought the game. The catch here is that, of course, these were being sold by John Romero, and the fact that they’re probably getting signed by him will naturally raise the price, as with any other piece of memorabilia that comes straight from the author himself.

-Despite what you might believe, Romero doesn’t need the money. He changed his place of residence to Ireland, he’s helping the game development scene there, and he also claims that every now and then he sends other stuff from his personal collection to museums for no monetary compensation. So in my opinion I don’t think he’s on the urge of money.

-If you start questioning the price, then I’d recommend you to stay away from any other internet sales that involve rare DOOM memorabilia. “Bweh, I can get those floppies for like $10 anywhere else”. Good for you, but the fact remains that these came straight from John Romero, and if you can’t grasp that concept, then I’m afraid that you will never understand how wild rare DOOM sales can get.

Dude, so what if anyone is willing to pay that much for floppies that might not work anymore? As of right now, someone is selling the Doom comic for $250USD on Ebay. You see what I’m talking about?

(I wouldn’t accept that piece of garbage even if I were given a hundred dollars for it)