vintage vial


Tritium Power

Yes, another Tritium piece!  I like the look of exposed vintage screws (originally used in glasses) with the smallest hexagonal nuts I’ve ever seen.  The vial is wrapped in fine copper wire and sealed in a glass tube with vintage copper “acorn” end caps and tiny round finials. The curved vintage brass arms are secured to two gold tone brackets and secured with the screws.  The side pins have a tiny brass round “dangle” drop ball and are threaded with copper tubing and tri-ridged brass tube.  The brass knurled beads contain a tiny grub screw that secures it all.  

The Tritium tube will glow continuously for 12 to 15 years and doesn’t require “charging” like conventional glow in the dark.  It is currently used in high end watches, keyring fobs and military weapon sights.  


The whole pendant section is just under 2 inches wide and 2 inches long.  It is on a brass facet cut brass cable link chain.  It drop (from the clasp to the pendant is 9 inches including the lobster claw clasp.  It is designed to be worn high on the decolletage but I’m happy to alter it for you.

This piece transcends the steampunk genre and would be an intriguing, unique addition to costume or contemporary clothing.  It’s US$195 including tracking postage and would be covered under Paypal buyer protection.  Just send me a PM if you are interested.   


Dario Robleto

A Homeopathic Treatment For Human Longing


Glass vials, vintage glass electrode wands, 19th-century bloodletting cupping glass, various artist-made homeopathic remedies (sound of glaciers melting, voice of oldest person to ever live, last heartbeats of loved one, million-year-old blossom, million-year-old raindrop, deceased lovers’ heartbeats, extinct animal sounds, extinct languages), various custom-ordered remedies made by professional homeopath (black amber, willow, tears, mammoth hair, glacial runoff, voice of oldest widow, black swan bone dust, Sylvia Plath’s voice), velvet, silk, leather, ribbon, brass, iron, cork, pine, typeset

66" x 129" x 53 ¼"


Be still my bubbling heart.

This is all about the vintage acrylic heart with a mass of air bubbles frozen in time.  I wanted it to look like a closed system of unknown energetic liquid flowing around the tubing, glass arc and into the heart.  The tiny “air bubbles” in the glass tube are clear acrylic spheres with a flash of iridescence that roll freely within the vial.

It would be the unique and intriguing addition to your costume or contemporary fashion.  It’s available in my Etsy shop here:



Ahhh I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get these leggings into people’s hands! After taking early bird orders over AVCon was such a success I’ve decided to just go right ahead and open preorders for everyone!

From now until 11:59pm GMT+9:30, August 31st, 2015 Vile Vials leggings will be available for preorder at the price of $60 AUD, shipping to be invoiced separately once orders are filled and customers consulted on their individual preferred shipping options. Delivery should be expected at the earliest, in October, the latest in November.

All six versions are available! Sugar Plum, Rosemary, Vintage, Liquorice, Organic & Bittersweet. C:

As for sizes, see this post for all the details, but if those sizes don’t suit you, send me an email anyway and I’ll sort something out! If you want a pair of Vile Vials leggings I want you to have them! For sizes larger than XL I’ll have to charge $10 AUD extra.

Email to place your order!